February 21, 2005

I know, I know…it has been sooooo long since I have posted 😯 What has happened since than…. I have scheduled my second follow up consultation with the surgeon that I want to do my plastic reconstructive surgery for May 3rd. At that time, I will be talking to him about the entire package for a game plan, but more specifically for my tummy and possibly some face and neck for this summer. My surgery is tentatively scheduled for July 12. I held pretty firm weight wise for most of January at a higher weight than I have been in a while becuase of a lot of water retention, but I did come down to only being about a total 1 pd or so gain over the months of December and January. Today was not an official weigh in date, that is in a week at the first of the month, but my weight was down from where it has been stuck and I have been losing a lot of retained water. today I was down to 213. so as of this morning, that is a total loss of 167 pds or 11 stone 13 pds. we are hoping to do anniversary pictures again around the middle of March on my two year anniversary of my surgery. We will than update the before and after picutres that are on the website. I have been getting on in school. All of my Health and Safety is finished. All of my Swedish Body Massage is finished. All of my Reflexology is finished. All of my First Aid is finished except either taking the four day course, or sitting her pratical exam showing my CPR and bandaging skills. We are getting close to being finished with Anatomy and we are getting on with Aromatherapy. On March 7, we start block three so all of the classes and schedule will change. I will be there than all day for the three days instead of just half days. I don’t know what the schedule is as of yet but do hope to know more tomorrow. I have been picking up more clients with my business. have a demonstration for a women’s group to do tomorrow and next week. that is working with learning disabled adults and combines the two things that I like to do most so it will be fun. Charlie is home now, and I have been getting him going on his list of things to do. he put numerous listings on Ebay for selling our videos. This is our first time trying to sell on Ebay so we are kind of excited and hopeful. 😕 Saffron, one of our border collies, had an animal chiropractor adjust her neck a few weeks ago. She had 8 vetebrae adjusted, and the lady thinks that she was suffering from severe migraines. Saffron is like a totally different dog and is now interacting wtih people and allowing them in the same room as well as letting them pet her and going to them. so pleased she is feeling so much better. 😆

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