February 22, 2003

I have noticed this peculiar echo sound in my office. what is it? hmmmm..could it have anything to do with £399 worth of positive space? £399 worth of positive space you ask? hmmm yes, the negative energy settee has been removed. it is now someone else’s dream sette. mind you, she was so much of a twig, that we would have said back home that she’d be lucky if she was a 100 pds soaking wet. I have now sold that settee from that mean nasty catalogue company Look Again. you know which company i mean, yes the one that said that I was too heavy for the settee they sold me and they refused to take it back when it was only a few months old. yes the company that sells clothes in sizes up to 26 or 28, has a weight limit posted on their exercise equipemnt, yet enforces an undisclosed 15 stone per seating limit on their settees. this is a weight limit that was NOT disclosed unitl over 5 months after I had bought the sette and at least 3 months after we had been arguing over it. I now boycott Look Again. I do not buy from them and will not ever, even when I am skinny. i hope that anyone that reads this will also BOYCOTT this company. I found this site on the internet where you can rate a company or product. I would appreciate all that read this and feel that what they did was wrong to go and rate this company. give them the poorest rating possible. their customer rating approval was 100% before I wrote my review. that one review took it down to 92% approval. please help me by boycotting this company and by writing a review to that effect. I would like to see their approval rating go way down. If we do not tell others what sort of company they are, how do we expect to educate people on issues of the obese? you have to be a member to write a review, but the sign up is easy and free. please help me out in this. I feel better just having it out of the house, but this story needs to be told. the site that you need to go to write the review is: www.dooyoo.co.uk put Look Again into the search and then write a review after you have signed up. also you can rate my reivew as helpful or not helpful to you when deciding if you want to use this company again. please have all your friends, families, spouses, ect rate this company. also if you go to Look Agains own website shopping page and click on the ‘contact us’ button then on the ’emial us’ button. go fill in yoru address and your customer number if you have one and then put in your complaint to them. I would appreciate if you could do that also and tell them that you are boycotting them becuase they have undisclosed weight limits on their 3 seater sloane sette and won’t honour their warranties in regards to customer number 68F98014. that is my number, use that in your complaint so that they will know exactly what this is referring to. their site address is: www.lookagain.co.ukI would not recommend this company to anyone ever and I will tell anyone that will listen to me what they have done. other than that and my continued neck pain, I am having a great day. didn’t realize just how much negative energy that settee was puttig into my house. it had bad kharma. off I go and please let me know if you are willing to support me in this issue. drop me an E and let me know.

What are your thoughts?

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