February 23, 2004

Today was my weigh in again. Just to recap for last week, Friday last week was day seven off my diuretics and had gained 7.2 pds in that week. I woke up on Saturday (day 8 ) and had lost 3.2 pds and than on Sunday had lost another 2 pds. so over 5 pds in 2 days. wahoo!! finally the water weight is coming off. So today, I had a total of 132 pds off. My one year anniversary is coming up here soon in a few weeks. Hoping to have 140 total off by then. we shall see. 😯 My mom is back in the hospital again. I wonder sometimes when she will be well again. She has had so many complications with her RNY that it is just unbelievable. Hopefully she will be better soon. My sister called tonight and we had a long news. got caught up on a lot of things. Today is my baby brother’s birthday. wow, 24 years old. Makes me feel old at 36. yikes!! 😯 😯 that big 40 is coming up quicker than I would ever like to think. Thank heavens not there yet. πŸ˜‰ I have been concentrating on getting my complimentary therapy business up and off the ground. new clients with my reflexology and also with my Reliv Nutritional products. Planning on starting an Indian Head Massage class in a few weeks, than a body massage and aromatherpay class in the fall. Nutrition in the spring. that should keep me busy. good to have a plan. So enjoying my mauve freelander landrover. just love it. 8) I am so cool! at least when I am in the freelander. πŸ™„ well that is about all that I have to input today. nothing much else going on, just busy and getting things a moving. πŸ˜‰

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