February 25, 2003

I finally had an adult ME night out. πŸ˜€ Went into Aberdeen to the movies. normally I go in the morning and catch the morning and the afternoon show and then come home. but yesterday everything conspired against me. one dog was throwing up, anther just came into season and I had a boxer on the other side of the gate nosing around. the dog in season was mid air around the height of the top of the gate or higher when I went rushing out to see what all the racket was. she was not feeling particularly horny by her actions and voice, she wanted over that gate so that she could rip his face off. he was on her land! now mind you, she has managed to get out the garden over the stone dyke already, so trying to work on the stay in your own yard or you will be a little leash for the rest of your life idea. the boxer was not helping. (yuk boxer/collie cross. πŸ˜• ) and the other one has a ripped and bloody leg with no fur on it and me with no clue how it happened. all that was noticed about five minutes before I would have had to get in the car to leave. so things did get messed up. Now I remember why I go during the day and not at night. I was one of the most awful experiences of going to the movies that I have ever had. and going to the movies is my thing. I have an unlimited pass and go all the time, even by myself. have seen three movies once in a day. decided that two is now my limit. three is just a bit too much. πŸ˜† anyway this is my movie story. wonder if any of you have had this experience? Went and saw the Hours and Two Weeks Notice. saw the Hours first. glad that I hadn’t decided to see that later. it was morbid, depressing, and I am not sure that I understood it. would have been half tempted to drive the car into a tree or something had that been fresh in my mind when I left to come home. YUK! then went and watched 2 weeks notice. that was funny. unfortunately, did not enjoy it as well as I would have liked. it was a full theatre and when I came in I saw there were three women in the row next to my seat. the one that was next to my sit was a skinny little twig creature that took one look at me coming and had the most distasteful horrible look come across her face. it was as if I was repulsive creature or something. 😯 than she sat the entire movie sorta leaning over into the far side of her seat away from me. I felt so big and so awful. I made a point to sit all scrunched up and not lean her way, touch her, or otherwise overspill my seat. didn’t even use that arm rest. and I had bought a magnum bar to eat during the movie. felt awful about that with her sitting there and that horrible look on her face the whole time. 😳 her and her friends stayed during the credits. I didn’t. so that right there tells you how uncomfortable that I was, I always watch the credits. got out of there. and I looked back up at them when I left and she was sitting up in her seat, with her back to my seat and filling up her seat proper and she had a much nicer look on her face. so her face was not permanently stuck in that awful look only apparently while I was there. I mouthed the word B*tch when she looked at me. hope she can read lips. I am so bad. πŸ‘Ώ I can just imagine what she said to her friends. and to top it off I dropped a bit of my magnum bar on my shirt and didn’t realize it until it melted and then got all over my leather coat and there was even a bit on my wool scarf that I didn’t see until I got into the bathrooms. πŸ˜₯ I was so ornery and had only had a magnum and nachos in the first movie, I never even ate the choc that I had ..it was in my backpack. I had not had any tea. in fact hadn’t had anything other than the nachos and magnum since breakfast. so was thinking of food when I left, more so because of how I felt too. went to burger king..and pigged out. course not until I had waited in the parking lot incase that stupid woman saw me go to BK. since when do I slink around? 😳 felt awful. that is so not like me, and can’t wait until I don’t have to deal with that or feel that way anymore. course with my height and bone structure, even if I manage to get down to 14-15 stone, I will still be a big woman. wonder if I will have to deal with that even then?

What are your thoughts?

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