February 4, 2003

Been having a lazy day inside the house. carried some firewood and some coal in so I have had a fire going all day. lovely. candles burning too. was watching the 3rd season of Sex in the City on dvd since it came today and yes..wow the dvd player came yesterday. Had my wonderful evening ruined when I had about 8 hooligans throwing tons of snowballs at my front windows, thought they were going to break the glass they were hitting so hard. I was sitting there minding my own business and they just about scared me to death..dogs too. they were quite agitated. they ran away when they saw me at the window. then I went to call the cops since they just ran down the street a bit, and they immediately came back when I was out of the window and did it again. did it to a neighbor down the road too.

also been thinking about the saga that I have had going on for ages with Look again about my stupid settee. short version they would not honor the warranty because I weigh over 15 stone, but the weight limit was never disclosed until at least 5 months after I bought it. depressing and so want that thing out of my house. have even tried putting it in the paper to sell it to some skinny person, but no one is buying furniture right now. I don’t even get calls for any of the furniture that I have for sale right now. wrong time of year I suppose. I want my money back and it gone. everyday I see it sitting there mocking me and making fun. I hate it and everything that it symbolizes. But I don’t know what to do. even had the highlighted in yellow report where they say it is due to me being a very large customer and the frame not able to take my weight. they refuse to uplift is and refund the money. stupid couch, stupid company. I have told this company to bite me and that I don’t want anything to do with them except them getting this out of my house and giving me my money back. do you know they still have the balls to send me catalogs and letters trying to get me to buy from them? still? I cross out my name and tell them to bite me and beat it and all sorts of nasty things and throw it back into the post box with their return address circled. yet they still send it. I hate companies. I hate Look Again. I hate this couch.

What are your thoughts?

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