february 6, 2003

Today sucked. I want the op. NOW! had a horrible time getting in and out of my car today with my jeans on. they are baggy but still they bind so much more than stretchy stuff. but sick of stretchy stuff. and my back and muscles hurt so much before I was even half way done with all my shopping today. was walking and moving so much slower that I normally do. boy has this last stone just about killed me. had to go back to the town where I used to live. Geesh do I hate that place. and was there from about 2:20p until about 5:23p that was way too long. ahah and most of that time I was walking around and shopping. I think that my slides that I wore are getting to big and every step my toes are hanging on to them so I don’t walk out of them and that didn’t help any. Noticed alot more fat people there than i ever remember before, but then every one except one was looking horribly unhappy, unkept and completely broken. had an urge to stop them all and tell them about Mr P. I am so tired and so worn out. It just sucks being fat!!

What are your thoughts?

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