February 9, 2003

Today as been a bit more profitable day i suppose. I have not had any cheesecake today. and I have not eaten any of the chocolate sweets on the piano that I was eyeballing earlier but stayed away from. another course the night is still somewhat young. kidding. haven’t done much today except watch tv, study some for the test tomorrow which is the one that I was supposed to have had last week, and hold my youngest puppy. Prue has been really sick. she has not been right since I had to switch her food when her regular food did not come. i know that some may say it is just a dog, but my dogs are MY children. and after sitting for 6+ hours holding her hot little limp body on my lap and checking every so often to see if she is still breathing..well that is not fun. I was just getting her fattenend up a bit so that all her bones didn’t jut out. now will have to start all over again. so today has not been that exciting. I did go outside with the dogs earlier in the day. It was a nice day. No snow, no rain, no sleet, no hail, no wind, no sun…just a perfect scotland day. noticed that I have tons and tons of snowdrops coming up and flowered already. don’t they know that it is winter? can’t wait to see the garden this spring. well should go spend more time with my puppy and get her settled for the night. sounds like my middle pup is trying to throw up too. lovely. three barfing dogs. this is going to be one long night.

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