Forest Sunlight in a Treasury

Small Forest Sunlight is in this Gallery.


Charlie’s small Forest Sunlight painting has been featured in a Treasury.  See it here for the next 48 hours.  After the first 48 hours the treasury will be gone and you will have to view it in the small snap shot form here.

Charlie’s painting is the first one on the left in the top row.  if you would like to see the painting in its link in the store see it here

Of particular note was the lovely wooden carved crochet hooks by Bodrighy with its listing which has already sold here I think this work is brilliant!

My last treasury has expired, and the main treasury opens later tonight.  I have a new treasury already made up of lovely yarns again.  I think making treasuries of yarns is my most favorite.  so we will see if I get lucky and can snag another treasury!

One thought on “Forest Sunlight in a Treasury

  1. Cool, that’s the second time one of my paintings has been featured in a treasury! Thanks for putting this post together as a I can’t get into the actual treasuries when I’m gone.

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