French Angora Bunnies…

I have 3 new French angora bunnies.  This is my first with with rabbits of any kind but I have spun the fibre and adore it.

I got 2 does and a buck and if I am comfortable with them and their care, than at the beginning of the year I will try my hand at breeding them.

Eve, Blue French Angora Rabbit

Eve is a Blue French angora doe.

She is least nervous of all the rabbits around me, and she is absolutely huge.  A very big girl.

I have to pluck her here in a few days as she is starting to blow her coat.  I did some of it a few days ago to hold her till this weekend, but now have to finish her coat.

Brigett, Lilace French Angora Rabbit

I also got Bridgett who is a Lilac French doe. She is a little nervous around me, but is starting to settle.

She also is starting to blow her coat and I will have to pluck her this weekend as well.  Doing that should help her settle a bit more with me as it takes some time to do.

Fairbanks, REW French Angora Rabbit

This is Fairbanks, the white French Buck.  He has been used to breed a few times already to some other coloured does and he throws wild and wondrous colours.  He has colour on both sides.

I have to do a bit of grooming on him as I see some tangels wanting to start and hopefully with that he will settle as he is the most scared of me of all 3 rabbits.  He is the youngest as well at only 9 months old.

I can’t wait to start spinning their fibre and making lovely yarns.  These are my new bunnies, what do you think of them?

3 thoughts on “French Angora Bunnies…

  1. wow, now i know bunny’s but wow those are fur ball bunny’s a stif breeze some water and dirt and you got your self the worlds largest clingon 🙂 you do not want them getting all matted, they would not be as cool.

  2. Hi Melisa,

    The bunnies are beautiful. I always like rabbits. My daughter is in bed and hasn’t gotten to see them, but hopefully she can look at them tomorrow. See you tomorrow at the show!

  3. Quite an undertaking! I love that you’re doing this to “complete” your process. I cared for rabbits for a year or two as a kid in 4-H, best wishes to you in this new undertaking! 🙂

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