January 15, 2006

I can’t remember when I last put an entry on here. I think that possibly I had actually forgotten that I had a journal here with all the things that have been going on. 😕 I still have a bit of pain in the muscles and such in my abdomen even four months after the hernia operation. can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but the doctor took about 690 grams of loose skin when he did the operation. he had to cut out the old scar so he took a bit of the excess skin too. just that little bit has made a huge difference as I can see my belly button for the first time in so many years I can’t remember. I also know what my blood type now is. I have always wondered that. 😆 I have recently gained some weight. About 10 pds. I suppose some of that is the excesses of the holiday, and some would be the lack of doing nothing over the last 4 months as most everything has caused me pain. even a genlte walk with one of the dogs causes me a bit of pain. the doctor said this pain is all the little stitches that he put in to stitch the mesh down onto my muscles. he stitches it to the tendons on the left side, but there was not as much tendon there on the right side so he had to stitch it to more muscle. so every time I move any muscles, those little stitches pull. He said that it could hurt for about six months. It doesn’t hurt all the time now, but up until 3 months it hurt just about every single day. ordinary things like, walking or cleaning a bit, or even just getting dressed and moving about the house would cause pain. That at least has eased up and in the last month I have started to do more things. I still have twinges of pain, but they don’t last a day or so and they aren’t all that sharp. so I would say that I am finally getting over it. things are progressing with the house. we might even have a confirmed offer in writing in the next week. if things go according to my plan, I am going to try to schedule my tummy tuck operation in Michigan around the 2nd of March, recover the month of March with the dogs at my folks house, and wait for Chaz to get there from work. he should be with us around the last week of March and we can drive out to Colorado around the first of April and he would have the month to be there with us. the builder has been instructed to finsih the foundations in full, and than decide how much money he needs for a deposit for raising the barn which we won’t have him start until the last week of March. It all seems to be coming together now, so we are just sitting on pins and needles for tomorrow morning to accept this offer. 😯

What are your thoughts?

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