January 2, 2004

I haven’t written much because there hasn’t been all that much to say. I did find out that the two plastic surgeons here in Aberdeen are usless and will not be anyone that I will use. One says that I have done such a great job in losing all that weight, that there will be a lot of skin therefore a lot of work to do, so he will not take me on because he doesn’t want to do that work. is that lazy? incompetant? or both? the other says without taking into consideration my height, bone structure, or wishes, refuses to even see me for an intitial consulation unless my BMI is at or below 26 and stable for 3-6 months before that. That will never happen because I do not want to be that low. Chaz has figured out that although I am taller than him, have a larger bone frame than him, I would have to be smaller and weigh less than him to have that BMI. No, not going to happen. did start some talks with two others that are down in Leeds, but have not heard back from the nurse or secretary yet. hope too soon after the holidays and all. weight has gone up for about three weeks, and than I did start to come down some again. But have not lost as much as I wanted too. at least the extra weight that I gained is back off. Odd that I gained it BEFORE christmas. during the christmas week, if I gained anything it was .4 of a pound, but that might have only been one day. I think that I actually lost the week of christmas. 😆 Have been a hermit lately. not leaving the house, not wanting to talk on the phone as much as usual, not wanting to email or post. I think that I am SADD. I need sun. going to get some in Colorado in two weeks, hope that helps. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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