January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007 Since hubby transferred 128 entries from my journal over to this blog, I guess that means that I am supposed to use the blog from now on instead of the journal. he says that I can use whichever I want, but isn’t transferring 128 entries just blackmail? 😯 WEll our little aracanas popped out their first egg today. course out of 16 of them, one confirmed rooster, that does mean only ONE is popping out eggs and the other 15 are just sitting about. I didn’t think they were old enough but I guess they are. had to put stormy the goat down this last week, so now down to 11 goats. my first casualty other than Tom the cat that was eaten by something. it was a record 41 outside today as it has hardly been above freezing in weeks and weeks, course don’t breathe easy yet, we have another blizzard coming this weekend I believe. funny how they come on the weekends and never any other time. all moved over to our new offices, did some cleaning in the old one last night, still more to do but not much. touched up the paint bits in my rooms that needed it and now I can finish hanging all my posters and pictures tomorrow. Did another massage today, two more tomorrow, starting to get some bookings with some regular customers. kind of cool you know 😀 so very very sore today, everything hurts on this body. the goats and the 2 LGD got loose from their part of the barn, into the non animal part of the barn on Sunday and I had to wrestle the goats back into their pen as they had discovered the goat grain, and chicken scratch and were not inclined to go back to their pens. Just picutre wrestling a 150 pd doe that doesn’t want to be wrestled through a narrow pathway of junk in the barn that I can barely negotiate myself alone, with both of us cussing and screaming at each other. AND she knocked the wheel barrel over that had all the coal in it, so that was dumped all over inside of the barn too. she was the LAST of all them that I wrestled out, and I wonder if I would have felt better being sat upon by a sumo wrestler? 😯 well off to bed now as tired, well bed as I know it more commonly known as falling asleep in front of the telly.

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