January 27, 2004

We just got back late yesterday after 24 hours of traveling back from Colorado. Sun Sun Sun!!! Even though it was the middle of January and we had one snow storm that was kinda bad, but the snow was gone in a day or so, the sun did not stop shinnning! and it was warm too. weird. well we really liked it, really liked Canon City so we decided to buy some of it and keep it. 54.93 acres of high country, ready for us to build on, and with our own built in mountain. love it. Saw a lot of things, lots of properties, lots of tourist things, caves, museums, shopping, eating some (did not have much of an appetite because of the altitude and all the hiking I suppose), visited with our cousins, saw the last Lord of the Rings movie, and even visited the Garden of the Gods. Wow was that gorgeous. Mountains all around on three sides of the town that would be our nearest town, and mountains ON our property. wahoo!! weighed myself this morning when I got up and was down 134 pd weight loss which is a 4 pd weight loss while I was gone on my holiday. now that is cool. most folks would be a 5 pd weight gain not loss like that. more or less on target for this months’ goal by the first of February. also had to buy a new pair of jeans and these were a US size 16/ UK size 18. so down another size too. Doc got all the results back to my blood tests and my thyroid tests and he said that he has never seen a more perfect set of blood results in his life. good testiment to my Reliv supplements and my good eating habits. Bad news on the front of what is wrong with me. was not so down in Colorado with all the sun, so maybe all the doom and gloom here was getting to me. was very active so didn’t have the sluggishness, but did crash out and fall asleep around 8pm many nights. what a whimp was I! 😆 did not have much of an appetite, but still ate some and was not holding any water gain because the doc does have me on diurectics. only have about 5 days left of those and he does not want me on them long term so don’t know if the water retenetion will start up again after that. periods are still all off and werid. bleeding and pain with sex, so doc said that was out. he has to run more tests now, in the area of female things this week and than maybe refer me to a gynecologist specialist and for a scan. don’t know what is going on there but that is so NOT normal. well off for now. that is my quick update. 😉

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