January 30, 2003

Today has been a weird day. Very cold and windy and blustery outside. Seems cold in parts of the house, even though the central heat has been on all day. must be the fireplaces and wind coming down the chimneys or something. Been lazy, dogs and I have been ensconced on the futon with several fleece blankies watching tear jerky movies. Not exactly any motivation to go outside and work out. No news on the DVD front either. this coming Tuesday will be 4 WEEKS since they took the dvd to sort the player out. It was supposed to be a multi regional one but we never had the opportunity to check out a different region dvd until we went to the states for Christmas this year. got home with 12 dvds and nothing would work. arrrgh. so started this whole saga with this company on the 2 of jan and still nothing sorted. I only have ONE exercise video..a bellydancing one which is brand new and a bit difficult to do with a back that is horribly sore. so the other exercise ones that i have are all dvds. can’t do anything until I get it back. freezing and horrid outside so going for a walk is out. and sold my multi gym right before christmas and the movers accidently picked up my free weights along with the gym pieces. when I notified the guy that bought the gym, he refused to give the weights back. what a chancer! so can’t even do any weight lifting now. I am so annoyed. I am on hold AGAIN with this stupid ignorant company and so tired of them jerking me around. they say they will call back and then don’t. I have had about 4-5 different supposed delivery dates and never does a dvd player show up. they say they have manually sorted this out and that my dvd player will be here tomorrow morning. I told her that I will not hold my breath since this is the 5th or 6th date they have given me. but if it does come, than I can do some more exercising. some good news:yesterday i did walk down to the doctors for my appointment. not a huge walk but it was some. and the day before i was doing some abdominal exercises..so trying to get some in even though everything is conspiring against me lately. gave up wheat. none today at all that I am aware of. feel better already actually. but it is hard to cut wheat out of your diet. some more good news: when I was at the docs yesterday found out that my blood pressure is remaining to stay more or less low. not as low as it normally would be for me, but in an acceptable range. don’t want it getting high than I might have to take medication for it. also my weight was not as high as Mr P scales led me to belive. I have been weighed at my GPs for the last several months and they are more or less the same as the dieticians that i have used for the last 1.5 years..and they all say that I was about 10-11 pds lighter than what Mr P scales did. so either the jeans and shoes I wore that night were really heavy or the scales were not calibrated the same. but that at least way lays my fear of thinking that i had gained about 1.5 stones in about 3 weeks. making some headway on the school work too. must keep up with that since only have a few weeks left to go. finished two reports combined together and have started working on two more. have to start studying for an anatomy and physiology test that is on monday. this one will be a hard one. even more good news: got the loan application done yesterday on the phone and it was approved..so waiting for the paper work to come in the mail the next few days. once that is here and signed that will be the loan more or less sorted for the operation. when they send the check, will just put it all on the visa card..and that will pay it off. so when it is time for the operation, will just use the visa card. no point in getting the money and sitting it in the bank for 2-3 months, it won’t earn any interest there. so the best thing it to pay off the credit card. what I save in interest for 2-3 months that I normally would have paid will pay for our trip down and back to Leeds and for part of my husbands accomidations. cool huh? I have noticed that with doing some of my abdominal exercises that my back doesn’t appear to be quite so sore. will keep up with that, so when this weather calms down in a day or so, or..and that is a big OR I get the dvd player back I can start doing some proper exercising. well off I go for more studying.

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