January 31, 2003

Howdy. well the Dvd player did NOT arrive. they called me at 11am to tell me that it would not be there before noon. they were snowed in. hmmm and that was affecting them mailing it? they must have known yesterday. it isn’t as if they woke up today and were going to mail it and it still get from England to Scotland in four hours. supposedly they are paying for a free special saturday delivery for me. we will see if it is here. so no real exercise like I had wanted. but I did take a walk down to the shop to buy a few things, make some copies,and mail somethings. but the cheesecake that I had asked for earlier in the week was in. so got one. but it had whole strawberries on top..so it was healthy.. sorta..ok..maybe not..but it sounded good. ahah that is my downfall. cheesecake and pizza. wonder if my tastes will change so that I won’t want that after the op? part of me hopes so, the other part that loves pizza and cheesecake hopes not. my other order did not come. so no dog food. will have to get something from the store to feed my dogs and that will make them sick. always does when i change their food and the youngest gets horribly sick. I special expressed this order and paid extra shipping for it. it is ALWAYS here on time. this is the first time it has not been here. don’t know if they will do a delivery tomorrow or if it will be monday. not happy with that..worried about the dogs. I know, they are dogs. but they are MY children. do other people have such difficulties with companies following through with customer service or is it just me?.0 worked on alot of my reports. have one question to get answered on monday and a business plan to do and that is it. other than to finish my pratical case studies and two more tests. but NO more reports. four of the five done this week. now if I can finish that other one tomorow and then study the rest of the weekend. pressure is starting to get to me. But I am getting things done. did go out for a bit today and throw snow balls at the dogs as well as the walk down to the store and back. that was entertaining. so some progress both in schoolwork and also in my diet and a smidge of exercise. I will be so happy to see spring. sun and a bit more warmth..and maybe less rain. oh yeah, forgot..this is scotland. ahah well off for now. very late and going to go to bed soon. night zzzzzzz

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