July 10, 2004

I did take my pedometer with me the second day of lifeguarding at the Portsoy Boat Festival. I waked 12.69 kilometers which would be about 8 miles. I know that I did not walk nearly as much as I had the day before so that may have been well over 10 miles. NO WONDER I WAS TIRED!!! 😯 I have taken to wearing my pedometer just about every day now to see how I do. Yesterday I registered 10.5 kilometers or close to that. That would be around 6.5 miles. I can’t remember exactly what it said when I went to bed last night. I did not even go for a walk yesterday. 😆 I did however mow the lawn, than went into Turriff to put up flyers all over town, and of course sorted the dogs all day. I took my little merle into town with me. She has such shocking blue eyes in her white little face, that many people thougth she was a Siberian Husky. She was so good just sitting in my hand watching everyone and everything around me. Than she rode in the trolley at the supermarket when I went to get a bit of food. I don’t think that I have ever had it take so long to get such a few little things before since everyone had to stop me and see the pup. she is good advertisement for the sale of her brothers and sisters. so I told her to smile pretty and flash those baby blues 8) all the pups are in the kennel now and none to happy might I add by being locked in. But it is cold, windy and rainy and they would come out and get all soggy and yesterday was their first expierence with rain. I am not convinced they are hardened up enough or have enough meat on their bones to keep warm in that sort of situation yet. they are after all only 6 week and 5 weeks respectively. So they are locked in and howling their indignation on that subject. I just fed them so they should settle down and fall asleep here soon. Moms and auntie are in the house with me for a break for a few hours from the pups, and than out they will go too. Hopefully the weather will brighten up some. Chaz will be home tomorrow. He is getting off the ship late. about 4-5 days late, and he has not seen the pups since the first litter were 10 days old with their eyes still closed and the other litter was only 4 days old. I suspect he will notice a difference. Chloe can still manage to get her head through the links of the chain link fence. she is so tiny and such an escape artist, but I am feeding them 4 times a day and trying to keep her fat with a full belly so that even if her head fits through her fat little tummy WILL NOT!! she sat out in the kennel yesterday just a few feet from where I was mowing the grass and watched me. the other pups hide in the kennel becuase of the noise but she had NO fear! Just curious to what the noisy thing was. Our belly dancing party is next friday so that will be fun and scarey at the same time since we are preforming. I have only been with the class for maybe 8-10 lessons, but I hope that I will do ok. My weight had gone up about 3-4 pounds over the last 10 days, but it suddenly dropped yesterday. I really did not think that it was water weight, becuase I have not been exercising other than my pedometer which I always do, and I have been misbehaving some with food. But it just suddenly went whoosh and was gone yesterday so I must have been retaining water after all. My ballgown skirt that I wear in belly dancing did not fit any tighter this last week so I guess that I had not gained after all. Still losing very slowly. only around 2 pound average a month now. But as long as it goes down, I suppose that is ok right? 😉 I have not been swimming for about two weeks or so. have gone to Tai Chi twice, but not last week. Have managed belly dancing every week still and some walking like all over everywhere at the Boat festival last weekend. Mowing the lawn seems to count as exercise too since it is at least 45 minutes of nonstop movement. More of my exercise recently has been day to day activities since I can’t really go very far for very long away from the pups. Feeding them four times a day ties me to being close to home. With Chaz home, it should be easier for me to get some more exercise in. He will get home tomorrow for about 6 hours and than have to go back off into Aberdeen until Wednesday night. Than be home until Sunday night to go off again until Tuesday night. so he won’t have very much time with the puppies. 😥 Anyhoo, should get a move on sort more of these dogs. Been doing a lot of reserach about alpacas and they sound even more and more interesting as I find out more. Went and met the lady that has alpacas near my house and learned a lot. They have been looking at a puppy but have not decided yet. 😉

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