Berry Confetti

Berry Confetti


Wow, with joining and the 3 groups on I have been getting a lot more traffic to my site, more sales and more emails and more and more busy.  This is way cool!

I listed a lovely rug today on Etsy that I had made originally for a Bed and Breakfast here in Colorado, but could not get the colour correct for what they wanted.  so I redyed it in colours to suit me.  Than I entered it in the Fusion Fiber Art show which was cancelled.  Than I put it in my display for the Strut Your Stuff show and now I am going to list it for sale on for the first time.

The colours are just glorious and I do not think the camera really shows them off well.  I hand dyed this with Kool Aid.  Remember trying to get Kool Aid stains out of fabric? well I was trying to get Kool Aid stains IN to the rug!!  I hand wove it on the 3 ft peg loom that my father in law, Hector Morrison, made for me in Scotland.  Than I slightly hand felted it, wet felting, to give the Shetland fleece it a bit more durability as it is a fine Shetland that would rather be soft than sturdy.  Felting fixed that!

Yesterday, I listed a Fiber Grab Bag.  I have had the idea to do this for ages, most new spinners would like to try various types of fleece from various breeds of animals in various stages of preparation and colours but don’t want to buy large portions as they haven’t a clue what to get or what they might like.  So I do a grab bag of fleece, rovings and various sheep, goat and dog breeds to give a varied experience.  I have never seen so much traffic in my online store as yesterday..still smiling with glee!!  we have had over 169 new folks come see that listing alone in about 24 hours.  Wow, and I had 4 listed and 1 sold right away.  I may do this more often.

I hope to be adding more items each day. trying to pace myself and add one every day or every few days so that I don’t lose an entire day at the computer.  I turned in my entries for the next fiber show today, Wearable Art Treasures.  I did not finish the “Winter White” kid mohair scarf, but I included it in the entries anyways to show them that it was about 90-95% done. it can be finished for the show but not in time for their meeting tomorrow.  so we will see if they will include it or not.  apparently there has not been a large number of entries so far, so they may not have the show again. off I go to care for the critters that make the lovely fiber that I create with!

What are your thoughts?

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