July 23, 2003

Husband has been home for about 10 days now and will be going again for a while. never know right now, but we have been running nonstop since he got home. I have hardly checked my emails, but still check in even though have not been as vocal lately. I have been busy making strawberry jam, strawberry/rhubarb jam, rhubarb ginger jam, raspberry jam and today’d forage into the unknown has been black currant jelly and I am about to go start the red currant jelly but have to go salavage the handful of berries that the blasted birds have left me on my big tree. Can not believe how many they have swiped this year. they have cleaned off and ate ALL my black currants, all my white currants, my cherries, and were starting on my raspberry, tae and black berries. the greedy little monkies are thristy I suppose with all this heat, so in the interest of saving what little there is of my fruit crop, I bought them a copper sundial birdbath and put nets over the rest of the fruit. That will teach them to mess with my berries!:evil Had a dog show last night, and the two that I entered in the show won ribbons. one got 2 first places and the ohter got a second place as well as a third place. we have a lovely wall of fame with the dog’s picutres and their ribbons up in our library. As far as my weight has been, that is an issue that is not a happy topic with me right now. I seem to be having troubles feeling full a lot of the time unless I drink water with or right before my meal. Self control has never been a strenght of mine, so portion size isn’t also easy for me. I keep thinking at times that I eat way too much food, but than I think about WHEN I do that and it doesn’t seem to be all the time. about every two weeks to be exact. The time that is the middle of my hormonal cycle is the worst and I generally can’t control that. The time of my period is difficult, but I feel sick enough from that many times that I can control my urges to eat the house down. I also seem to be gaining a lot of water weight during those two times too. I seem to always crave things like pasta, bread, or pizza. comfort foods and that makes the water weight gain worse. I have stalled in my weight loss and barely moved, and the few times that I did manage to move some weight off, I gained it right back a few days later. I did start losing again over the last couple of days, but until I manage to keep it off for a while I won’t get too excited. so for the last three weeks, I lost 5 pds the first week, .6 of a pound the second week, and gained .2 of a pound the third week. That is taking a weight and recording in on the monday morning which is my surgery day. I had managed to take several pounds off during the thrid week, but the last two days of that week I flew back on. I hope that I will have good news about my knee tomorrow when I go see the surgeon. either surgery soon, or that it is ok and that I can exercise again. it has been diffciult not exercising and that is part of why the weight has really slowed down, as well as with the reduced amounts of food my body seems to be adjusting to the smaller portions as well as I am able to eat more now than I did before so with no exercise it is translating into no wegith loss either. kinda depressing. 😥

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