July 23, 2004

My life has been reduced to Dogs, emergencies and managing crisises as the house and everything falls down around me ears 😯 Last week we had an emergency with Saffron, one of the little merles that we are keeping that has the startling blue eyes. She managed to get her mouth stuck open on a curved bit of the foot of a plant stand with it pressing against the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat as well as it was ripping up her tongue over her teeth. Between her screaming, the mother dogs screaming, Chaz and I screaming, Saffron bleeding everywhere and turning funny colours becuase it was cutting off her air, I really thought we were going to lose her. I had to remove the mothers from the kitchen and was praying all the time that Chaz would have the strength to bend the steel and God saw fit to give him that strenght and Saffron got her head loose. than it was an emergency run to the vet at 10 pm with barely able to drive becuase I was shaking so badly and than the good news that she had not ripped the palette of her mouth or broken her jaw, but only broke the tips off some of her baby teeth as well as ripped her tongue up on the side. She had a few shots to combat infection, pain, and shock and slept in her travel kennel on a box right next to my head by my bed all night. I did not sleep that night becuase I was listening to her breathe all night to make sure that she did not further go into shock and nessecitate another run to the vet. She was rather subdued and scared of Chaz for a few days, but appears to be getting back to her SASSY self which is her nickname. A few days ago, we decided to also keep Chloe (who we originally were going to keep but than had decided against) becuase I had figured out that she is deaf. This would explain why she had not developed a lot of personality like the others, why she doesn’t respond to growling or saying no, and why she howls and quacks so loudly that it about drives you nuts. She was also the smallest of all the pups and I supsect was constantly getting pushed out of the food dish on all occassions that she actually was awake and present to eat. So with extra feedings and lots of physical love and attention and handling, she is beginning to warm up to us and is a much happier puppy. Our dog training has recently worked with two other deaf dogs so we will have to schedule training for her as soon as her vaccinations are done. We have not tested her with high pitched dog whistles as of yet. if we were to find one that she could hear, that would make her training a breeze, otherwise we are looking at having to use sign language. Yesterday put in the order to have four new dog tags made, with one of them saying that I am deaf on it for Chloe. Also a couple of nights ago, we noticed our oldest dog Tessa paying particularly close attention to Chloe and upon investigation saw that Chloe was covered in blood all over her head and on the floor. She had just been tussling with Cinnamon (one of our other pups) and must have caught the worst end of it becuase the edge of her little ear was bleeding like crazy. or at least it looked like a lot of blood on that pure white little head. so I cleaned her up and that came upon the heels of Chaz just finishing cleaning up the kithcen becasue one of our sinks had the drain come disconnected from the bottom and had spouted water all over inside the unit. Just once I would like to be able to have an evening where I can sit down and watch tv BEFORE 11 pm WITHOUT a crisis or emergency. Well last night looked to be one of those nights, until the pups had gone outside for a bathroom break after their last meal around 9:30 pm and I heard the mother dogs (who were outside in the pen) barking with a distinct something is horribly wrong sort of bark and I went rushing out there to see that Chloe was screaming and my husband had a hold of her and I was shouting what happened. Apparently she had been going for a pile of poo and Chaz had ran to try to catch her and she had scooted off as she does just out of his reach and in the course of all that Chloe must have stepped wrong and tumbled end over end and it looked like she had pulled or damaged her shoulder in the front. Chaz said the leg and shoulder did not feel any different than the other one but she couldn’t put weight on it and walk for at least a hour or more. she said on my lap and snuggled which is so NOT Chloe, so I knew that she was in pain. But this morning she is running around like herself and seems to be ok. I did ask Chaz last night if we have had an unusual amount of accidents with the pups or does it just seem like it becuase there are so many of them? πŸ˜• It will be interesting to see what today brings. πŸ˜‰ We have had Alfie and Bonnie go off to their new owners in the last couple of days. I have purposely distanced myself from the pups that are not ours and have still found it a little difficult to let them go. I feel very sad when they go even when they are going to go homes and I know they will be spoiled babies. We still have 5 left to sell, 2 which can go now since they were 8 weeks 2 days ago, but the other 3 can not go until the end of the month. I had to take my freelander in yesterday and the escorts emergency brake has compeltey froze up since it has not been driven in months, so i had to arrange a courtesy car. Well it was a Toyota Yari. bubble car. we had Chaz and I in the two front seats. a puppy travel cage in each of the back seat spots seatbelted in. 3 puppies in one and 2 puppies in the other one. and one mom dog on the foot well behind my seat. What a sight we were. I get the freelander back today. wahoo ❗ 8) My weight was down to 226.6 ( 16 stone 2.6 pds) which is a total lost of 153.4 pds ( 10 stone 13.4 pds) just get that pesky .6 of a pound off and I will have a full 154 pds or 11 stone off. a few days ago, I decided to try on a few of my smaller clothes again. when I first started to lose weight, I had bought some cargo pants that had a drawstring waist on them. they were a UK size 22 (US size 20) and I also bought them in a UK 16 (US 14) and I have been wearing the UK 22 for all this time. I decided to try on the UK 16 and they fit perfect, or maybe even a little loose. I do wonder if it is now time to retire the size 22? πŸ˜† I have just been tightening up the drawstring waist more and more and not paying any attention to how they fit anywhere else but when looking in the mirror, they really are huge. so they have now been retired. With all the chaos of puppies and husband and house things, I have not been doing my normal exercise. Belly dancing finished last week with our Hafla for the next six weeks, and I have not made it to Tai Chi for the last 2 weeks but this week will be going again. Still have not been swimming at all but did lifeguard last week for a few hours. I have been wearing my pedometer off and on to monitor some days to see how much I walk and on a really slow day where i don’t do much I still manage about 3 kilometers just with puppy feedings. Most days I am upwards of 8-12 kilometers so I am still getting exercise in just a different kind right now. eventually I will get back to my normal scheulde but for now I have to dash off again becuase I have a client coming in for a reflexology treatment. πŸ™„

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