July 25, 2003

I hurt. I hurt really bad. 😯 I lifted weights yesterday and have not been doing it for the last month and boy do I hurt ❗ 🙄 I had Chaz help spot me when I did my pecs and he helped me eek out a few extra repetitions when I was getting too tired and I hurt ❗ It always hurts the worst on the second day after lifting, well today is just the first day so tomorrow I probably won’t be able to type and tell you how much I hurt. So just take it that I will really really hurt 😉 I had to go into Aberdeen and see the orthopedic surgeon about the results to my MRI for my knee. He said that all the ligaments, and tendons are intact and do not have any tears. He said that there is a bit of a wear and tear injury that is rough ridges on the backside of my knee cap that is catching sometimes when I try to walk. It has been better the last couple of weeks without going out, until this last weekend. And since I have begun to walk a bit more now again, it will probalby happen all over again. Reducing my weight helps, but he said no surgery. They do surgery for this in the USA, but they won’t do it here. He said that physio will help. He wants me to do exercises that strengthen the muscles above my knee so that they will lift the knee cap up higher and give a bit of space between the two plates. that way it won’t rub on the ridges or get caught. I told him that I wanted to continue with Ishbell Spence who is my phsyio and has been for a few years. She knows all about my knee since I went to her first when this happened as well as she is closer to me than Aberdeen. So I have an appointment to see her this afternoon and get started with all this. She will also work on my bone spur on the bottom of my foot. it is getting worse again and just aching when I take my weight off of it. Makes it a bit hard to walk but as of right now it is not even half as bad as it has been in the past. I am hoping that she can help with that before it gets too bad since too bad is me on crutches and not able to walk even a step or two without excrutiating pain. They do no do surgery for that here either unless really pushed, but they do in the states. My mom has had both these surgeries and they seem to work wonders for her. We will see. My weight has been flucutaing quite badly and not coming down much for the last few weeks. This morning I was down 76.2 pounds so that is technially the lowest that I have been since the surgery. I have managed to lose 2.6 pounds since Monday, so maybe I was just holding water. My body seems to be retaining water and cycleing quite heavily with my hormones. so twice per month I retain water which gives the appearance that I am not losing any weight and sometimes has me going UP on the scales as well as during those two times I seem to not be able to stop eating. I certianly hope that this is just another adjustment and it not a permanent thing. It gets a bit frustrating. Chaz and I went to Duthie Park together for the first time, and sat on a grassy knoll and ate a picinic that we had with us. Lovely fresh salad in the open air. Than we went for a walk across the park and went into the hot houses and walked all around. All told it was a hours walk. We meandered back to the car and I was exhausted, without a lot of energy but not in too much pain. Chaz on the other hand was in severe pain and swiped one of my pain killers. I have been having that annoying pain in my upper right side again for the last few days. It had gotten a bit unbearable yesterday so I had to take one of my pain killers too. I have managed to be off most meds for weeks but yesterday ended up taking pain killers for that right side pain, as well as one anit sick med because of naseous feelings last night. I think that I was dumping. I had some juice and it was wonderful, but than I paid for it. amazing that I can have the same juice mixed in with my shake but if I drink it by itself I end up dumping. Made Red currant jelly last night for the first time, as well as another four pounds of rhubarb ginger jam. So for now that I me with the jam/jelly front. I won’t be making anything more any time soon unless I find more red or black currants that are reasonably priced, or some black berries (brambles) out in a field somewhere. I want to try some chutneys and some apple butter later, but will give myself a rest for a week or so before I start that one. 😕

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