July 29, 2004

Chaz is going offshore tommorrow morning. I can’t even take him to the airport as I have puppy shots in the morning, and than a reflexology appointment with one puppy to go, and two more puppies to go that evening. That will be the total lot of the two litters off to their new homes, except the four that we are keeping who are already at home. Our last puppy was booked last night and she will go away Friday night. Chloe (our deaf dog) is in my office for the first time. It is not very puppy proof so I have to keep an eye on her as I type this. She is investigating the fireplace and all that mess under there. Hmmmm…wonder how long she will stay white while playing with the coal? 😯 She has been investigating the weights and trying to lift and drag the ankle weights but she didn’t get very far. Apparently she will need to build up her muscles before she can lift the ankle weights. 😆 We are going to veiw a kennel that is near home today. They are about 15-20 min from our house and would be nice to be able to use someone that is closer than an hour away, and to have a back up for when we go on holidays. Going to sign the mortgage papers, some last minute shopping in Aberdeen. Chaz is out painting bits on the kennel that he attached in the dark last night becuase our builder didn’t get the stone cut out until late. so we were out cleaning, washing, sweeping and generally tidying up the run as well as hanging and planeing doors at about 11pm in the dark. The mag light came in handy to see what we were doing. i have had years of expierence of holding a flashlight for dad while he was working on something under the car or outside in the dark, so it was familiar to be holding that for Chaz as he hung and planed the doors last night. 8) But that is both doors redone and lengthened with an air vent on the top, replaned so that they close correctly and here shortly they will also be repainted so they are protected from the weather. The dogs are outside running around, and the puppies are inside at the moment. If the paint dries quickly, they might be able to go back out in the run but they will more than likely stay inside while we run into Aberdeen. It is a shame though since it is a lovely sunny breezy day outside. My weight has been flucuating between 226 and 227 so that is having 10 stone 13 or 11 stone off or 153/154 pounds. That is a good reduction for this month. I will officially weigh myself on Sunday which is the first and record that weight. I don’t record my weight anymore except for the first of each month. Last month I was at 232.2 so I have lost a lot this month. It feels good to see my weight going down again since it hasn’t gone down all the much for the last 4 months. Everything is slower these days in that department but completely stalled is how I have felt for the last 4 months. I have on a size US16/UK18 top that is fitted and although I have been able to wear it in the past, I never did feeling it was a bit form fitting. I decided to try it on today and it is way too big. It is just hanging on me now. Apparently I still can’t wait too long to try on clothes that are snug becuase when I do, I find that they are not only no longer snug but just huge on me and useless by than. I have about 4-5 of this exact same top but in different colours and all the same size. I never thought I would ever be too small for this top. Now what am I going to do? 🙄 I have gotten a lot of my altered clothes back from my seamstress but she is still working on my long black velvet halter backless dress. I used to wear it when I was a size 28 US / 30 UK and it has been taken in so much that I hardly recognize it now. Amazingly, it is about 6 inches too long. I did not shrink in height, but I took up so much space with my stomach and chest and butt before that it is now way too long since the dress doesn’t get hung on those body parts sticking out. My long skirts are getting almost too long hehe 😆 This is kind of neat except that my wardrobe is constantly changing and my seamstress seems to be altering the same clothes every few months. But they are my favorite so I will just keep doing it. 8) It is almost time to dash off and go. On the road again, out there on the road again…. Tommorrow I will be down to just 7 border collies, OUR 7 that is. But I tell you, 7 border collies will keep me skinny. skinny or kill me 8)

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