July 3, 2004

I have just spent the entire day lifeguarding at the Portsoy Boat Festival. I am tired and kind of sore, becuase I think other than the last hour or so, I was constantly walking and moving all the time. It has been about 16 years since I lifeguarded so it was nice to be back doing it again. I did not get the job at the Turriff pool, but they did ask me to come on at the Turriff pool as a relief lifeguard so that is good. I do have an interview at the Banff pool on the 16th, so will be interesting to see how that goes. that position is for a lot more hours also. the Turriff one was for about 8-9 hour, while the Banff one is 51 hours for a two week rota. 8) My article for New! magazine did not come out on the 21st of July after all. they had to bump it for another article that was similar to mine but corresponded with a current tv program. they will use mine but they plan on running it a little later. so I will let you know when I get a date for that to come out. 😉 Chaz will be home soon to see all the puppies. They have fairly grown since he left and are all running around. I forgot how FAST little puppies can be. 😆 Ran into a lady that I have gone to classes with and even though she knew that I had lost weight and has seen me as recently as about 4-5 months ago, she did not recognize me. She said that she can’t get over how thin I am and that even my face has really changed. 8) So I am off to put my feet up and rest since I have to lifeguard for another day at the festival tomorrow. going to take my pedometer this time to see how many miles I walk. 😯

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