July 7, 2003

I weighed myself today and have lost a total of 5 pounds for this last week. Wouldn’t mind doing that every week. 😀 I did not eat wheat or late at night. The last day or two, I did have some wheat and ate a bit later at night and both the headaches are gone as well as no weight lost. Gained about .2 of a pound both days. So I would wager that the wheat is messing with my weight loss as well as my headaches. going to go back off wheat again. I do that for a month or so and than I seem to be able to eat wheat now and again, and than it starts bothering me again. I wonder if I will ever get over the sensitivity of wheat? Dairy is still bothering me too. If I drink one or two swallows of milk I get really nasous. If I have one or two more, I throw up. Other dairy products don’t seem to bother me like that, it is mostly milk and occassionally cheese if I have a lot of it. I would really like a glass of milk. I certainly hope that isn’t permanaent. I also seem to get sick whenever I have things that have rice in them. Even if it is glueten free bread that has rice in it or my wheat free pasta that has rice in it. I seem to get sick from that too. So rice maybe a problem too. I did NOT have the MRI yesterday. got into aberdeen and the machine was broke. they thougth they could get it fixed, so I went and watched a movie, but than they called and said it couldn’t be fixed and rescheduled me to Wednesday. They said something about someone having to come over from america so they don’t know if it will be fixed by wednesday or not. this time they had better call before I leave, I do not want to drive to aberdeen again for nothing. I have to take Tessa into the vet in Peterhead on Wednesday to have her stiches out, so if I don’t have to drive to Aberdeen as well I will not be disappointed. that is a lot of driving in two opposite directions. Nothing exciting going on here except my 5 pound weight loss 😆 ❗ so off I go for now. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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