June 1, 2003

they did some blood work. thought maybe my fatty liver and any extra fat in my diet could be causing the pain. so they did a liver function test, but it all came back normal and fine. so basically they think that it is not my fatty liver, not gallbladder, they think it is still part of the healing process and just muscular. 😕 I have not started much exercise other than walking, which is many times on a hilly gradient and in the woods so not a firm surface. that does make you work and burn up calories, but I can not just NOT exercise. everything on my body is starting to sag already and I only have about 25 % of what I want to lose off. my thighs are really sagging and my upper arms and my tummy. will need corrective surgery when it is all done, but I certainly wished that I would not. but the doc said that he could change what was in the package just not what it comes in. so no getting around it. I got on the scales today and have dropped more weight. 2 pds of that was only since the day before. I have lost another 3.2 pounds today. so that is a total of 5.2 pounds in 48 hours. wished I could do that all the time. 😀 that was after about two weeks of up and down. gained a few, lost that and antoher one or two, than gained a couple back and than lost a bit more, so that at the end of two weeks had 2 pounds off..so still a downward trend, than wham, lost 5.2 in two days. so that means about 7.2 over the last two weeks. total now is 57.2 pounds. tomorrow will see exactly how much have lost since it is an official weigh in day at the docs scales. that will be week eleven for me since the surgery. I had guessed about an average of 3.5 pounds per week until my one year anniversary…some weeks might be less some weeks more, but an average of 3.5 pounds would mean that I would have about 200 of the 210 pounds off that I wanted at my one year anniversary of March 17, 2004. today I am right on target for my goal. that is so cool. my leather coat that I bought in michigan in december is starting to hang on me. some of the clothes that I got then, still have the tags on them and I probably won’t be able to wear them already. mom gave me a pair of sweats that were a 2x I think and they were PAINTED on me at christmas. they are baggy on me now. ahah same with tshirts that she gave me. all big. great pj’s. 😆 I fit into my WC here at the house. if you don’t know what a WC is that stands for Water Closet and basically is a toilet and sink stuck into a tiny closet that you can hardly fit into. I can now use it. I FIT!! it is the small things that excite me. skinny people don’t get that. I am getting my life back and unless you have been really big for a long time you just don’t get that. 😆 8) been doing longer walks everyday. trying for about an hour, but might have to cut that back to a half hour or so and than add in bike work and/or weight training. my old injury to my left foot, plantarfaciatis is beginning to rear its head again. always does when I start logging in a lot of miles walking. anything much over a couple miles per day and it gets nasty. after a while, the little tears in the tendon get so bad that I can’t even stand or walk on that foot at all without excrutiating pain. it is an over use injury that anyone, even extremely fit athletes can get. being heavy just makes my over use come a bit quicker. if I log about 3-4 miles per day, it will only take a few weeks or a month and I won’t be able to walk hardly at all. than it will be months of pain, and physio to rehab the foot again. don’t want to go through with that, but since my weight is coming down and I am getting even more fit, I am going out for an hours walk and covering sometimes almost twice the distance as I did before. that is why I think that I now have to combine the walking with other forms of cardio to reduce the impact of walking on my foot. also have been thinking that i might need to buy a new pair of Cat work boots since mine are three years old and they are not as rigid as they used to be. my toes are bending and flexing a lot more when I am climbing the hills. I felt it majorly yesterday, and that also increased the pain in my foot with the tendon. last night after my walk, I was sitting and watching tv, and I could feel my bone spur just aching and the tendon was sore and stiff this morning when I got up. that is a warning that it is happening agian. I haven’t done my exercises and stretches for about a year or more, will have to start that again as well as going barefoot in the house to help build the muscles in my foot. I have been wearing a slide sort of shoe that I call a slipper, but it is actually a light weight shoe. the physio told me that sometimes I should go barefoot if it isn’t causing pain, becuase our feet get lazy if they are always in shoes. the shoes give our feet support and if they are never barefoot and supporting themselves they get lazy. My house has been really dusty and dirty recently becuase of all the construction in the kithcen as well as nails everywhere so not sure about the barefoot stuff THIS week. 😉

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