June 15, 2004

I haven’t written in almost 2 weeks, but have been very busy. I have been frantically finishing up my Indian Head Massage course, while at the same time I started my NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) course and have had two lots of pups that were born. Prue had her 8 without much fuss or fanfare. Beautiful markings on them all. Abbey, 10 days later, had her 6 will all sorts of troubles. The first one came feet first and after an hour of her pushing and us pulling, I finally managed to get the pup out right before the vet got to the house. The pup (a boy) was dead. That one as well as two others were rather good size. Three others were tiny and weak. All of them had difficulties nursing in the beginning and those first few days were awful with no sleep and loads of worry. Abbey still has not taken to motherhood. She has not refused the pups, but she does equally ignore them all. The other boy, which I named Mugsey, struggled. I was actually feeding him with a syringe or bottle most of the last few days but yesterday I had to have him put down. I had taken him into the vet and he was dying in her hand. I had no idea how long he would take to pass and decided that to put him down would be more humane since I was running the risk of him being in pain later had I left him to pass on his own. 😥 I miss my little Mugsey. 🙁 so I have to admit that I am not in the best of moods at the moment. I had to go into the pool yesterday to be a casulty for three other classmates during their final assessment. But right before I left, I noticed that the roof of the kennel had blown loose again. Chaz had already replaced it once before when the wind blew it off. I had a couple of girlfriends that knew something about roofing come over and they sorted a temporary repair that I hope lasts until Chaz gets home. It is still rather windy today. I am hoping to put Prue and her pups out in the kennel sometime soon. They are three weeks old today and starting to wander about and play. Abbey’s pups are still too little to go anywhere. they are only 11 days old and their eyes are not open yet. I have my assessment on my NPLQ course on Saturday afternoon. My shoulder is still paining me some of the time, but I am hoping that it will hold for the assessment. I finished my Indian Head Massage last week and now just waiting for my certification and results for one of my exams. I weighed myself today and saw that I had come down some more. down to 232 pds (16 stone 8 pds) today, so that would be a total loss of 148 pds ( 10 stone 8 pds). 8) On this coming Monday, June 21st, my article in NEW! magazine will be out on the stands. I have seen the copy and it looks good. not sure about the pictures since only saw a few of those and don’t know which they have used. But monday is not far away. I am going to go to Tai Chi class tonight. that will be the first time that I have been in a while. I have missed the last four clases. With the pups it has been difficult since each delivery was near to the class and when I go I am gone for at least 5 hours. With Chaz offshore, and Mugsey feeding all the time, I was not able to go anywhere this week. But with Mugsey now passed, I don’t see any reason that I can’t go tonight. It will be good to go again. I have an interview tomorrow morning for a part time job at the pool lifeguarding. wish me luck 😆 and another waterwork class for my NPLQ. Than on Thursday I will have my final class for my NPLQ, than belly dancing in the evening. Saturday is my assessment. Than life will be much lazier again. Until August, when I start my body massage course. WEll lazier or as lazy as can be with 12 puppies and 3 adult border collies all in the house. geesh it is a bit crowded sometimes and will only get worse as they get bigger and more mobile. 😆 that is why they are gonig to move to the kennel 😉 well anyhoo, off I go for now, and sort the puppies.

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