June 19, 2003

I finally have the pesky .4 of a pound off this morning so that I have a full 63 pounds off. It has been difficult getting it off over the last few days it has seemed to be stuck. Last night I ate something that I have not tried and did fine with it. That was so great. I was hungry after my movie and since it was 11pm, there was nothing open except gas stations. So I stopped at one and got an egg salad whole wheat hoagie with salad munchies. I ate the two slices of tomaote…that was a first for me, the iceberg lettuce…also a first for me, and part of the bun..definitely a first eating bread that was not toasted. I did fine with it and was rather happy. I think after that few little bites of lettuce and tomatoe and cucumber that I will attempt a bit of a salad here at home. I have been wanting a salad but have been nervous about eating it for fear that it would get stuck. My surgeon told me to start eating salad and veg except for celery and hard fruits without the skins, excpet for citrus…but i had not done it yet. Scared 😯 but now I feel a teensy bit braver. so when I go to the store today, I think that I will get a few new things to try. My knee is still in physio and the verdict on it is still out. I have more days without pain than with pain now so it has improved, but I don’t know if that is only a temporary repreive or not. the physio said that she would do one or two more treatments and than give me her recommendations about the surgeon. I have another session with her on friday. so we shall see. going to lift weights again today. am fully recovered from my chest pain from lifting last time. hopefully this time, I won’t hurt as much. 🙄

What are your thoughts?

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