June 2, 20

I had another official weigh in at the doctors office. I have lost another 7.2 pounds, so a total of 57.2/4 stone 1.2 for 11 weeks. Not too bad! πŸ™‚ I am still right on target if I keep up the average that I want to be at for my one year anniversary. I was always good at setting goals about my weight, but prior to this I never managed to even remotely come close to fufilling them. nice to see that I am still on target after 11 weeks. 8) Blood pressure was still down normal. got a copy of the blood tests reports. basically, my liver functions are not only NORMAL, but FANTASTIC. guess what I am doing diet wise is right on. they checked my liver functions, my kidney functions, and my blood for being anemic. everything was great…really good levels. I don’t go back for another 7 weeks. I can track my weight on my own scales now, so there is no need to go so frequently. I also like to have Charlie do all my measurments on the day that I am officially weighed, and he will be home than. He did do my measurements today and I have lost another 9 inches around various parts of me. some of the biggest parts that I have lost on are my upper thighs, my waist, chest, and hips, upper arms, and amazingly my ankles. πŸ˜† My bone spur on my foot was aching again today, but I did a few stretches before I got out of bed and went barefoot to the bathroom and back to get a bit of foot exercise. I have some black shoes that have a two inch heel on them, chunky heel. I can wear them walking around in towns and such… even wore them once out in the woods. With the heel on it, I have less pain with the foot. going to wear those today, and hoping to find another pair of Cat work boots with really good support. thinking of a bit higher pair on the ankle for more support when hiking in the woods on the uneven soft ground too. πŸ˜‰

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