June 24, 2003

I have been eating some sort of salad every day now for the past week, and I think that it is not agreeing with. I seem to get a lot of wind and loose bowels, but that is it. I don’t feel sick to my stomach eating it, or have difficulties chewing it, but once it is down and a few hours later the fireworks start. hmmm…hope that will go away soon because I just love my salads ❗ Hit the 65 pounds off mark today. I have not been losing as fast lately as I was before. I certainly can tell that I have not been able to do any cardio exercise in the last two weeks. I am still going down, but that is proabably due to the surgery and me lifting the weights. It is just a lot slower than when I can walk. 😥 Oh well, I have an appoitnement with the ortopedic surgeon on July 4th so we shall see how that goes.

What are your thoughts?

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