June 3, 2006

I have been accused of not writing a journal entry THIS year…not so! I looked at the last one was in January so that is THIS year! 😉 Had my surgery for my tummy tuck at the end of February about 5 days after I emmigrated from Scotland back to the USA. rather a nightmare as I arrived in the middle of the worst ice storm that michigan had seen in years and we had no power, water, email, phones, heat or anything. he took about 7 pds and 10 oz of loose skin off. so that with the loose skin removed in September from my hernia means a total of 9 pounds of loose skin removed. it is still a bit loose on the sides, but I have a lot of shape an definition and it is really flat. my belly button survived which the doc was shocked as he thought he owuld have to ditch it as the hernia doc cut it at the bottom and the tummy tuck doc had to cut it at the top. but it has healed up nicely. went back to belly dancing, tried to swim two days ago. about died. pain, wow. felt like my horizontal scar was going to rip in half and it didn’t matter which stroke I did, it was excruciating pain. it has been a little over 3 months but apparently I can’t swim yet. been losing weight or esle losing swelling as my skin is getting looser on the sides, almost seems like my tummy tuck needs a tummy tuck. but I can’t remember when I was this thin. hope that Chaz doesn’t find me repulsive being this small. 😯 out in colorado now. nightmare builder. just about hate him. barn not done. stressed out and naseous, sometimes even throwing up with all the stress. so just want to pucnch the numpty. going to be getting angora goats here soon and if I ever get the barn built and can get my stuff out of storage I can start to spin and weave again. really miss it. getting a new addition to our dog family, domino a deaf aussie. never had an aussie before. also getting 3 pyrnaneese as livestock guardians for the goats, but they will not be house dogs, they are farm dogs out with the goats all the time. doing some massage, but not been albe to focus on that with all the stupid builder stuff. have an appointment on June 15 wiht a plastic surgeon out here to get an idea on what it will cost for the arms and boobs. have to start saving as it will take a long time ot get that money. well off for now, have a sad border collie to cheer up. daddy will be home soon, maybe that will cheer her up.

What are your thoughts?

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