June 5, 2003

I have finished the anti sick meds the other day, and had to go back to the GP to get more. I was so naseous and felt so awful. Nothing agreed with my tummy, everything was upsetting it, and I even threw up once. He did lower the dose a bit though. Instead of taking two anti sick meds three times per day, he now has me on one anti sick med three times per day. Yesterday was my first day like that, and everything disagreed with me. My tummy was so unhappy, and so was my southern end too. This has been over a month of this, I do hope that it adjusts itself soon and is not a permanent side effect. we went out to eat at a mexican resturant last night, I had just about the same thing as last time, but this time I wasn’t even able to eat half of what I did last time. the waiter was asking me if it was ok, he seemed worried since i had hardly eaten anything. they don’t do take out, but he did wrap it up so that I could take it home. I have it here, but don’t know if I will eat it or not. most things don’t taste good these days still, but certain things do. one that I can’t seem to get enough of and probably eat at least once per day, is my egg mcmuffin sandwich. sorta like from McDonald’s except it is healthier and I make it myself. I take a heavily toasted english white muffin, open it and put a slice of cheese on each side, than fry eggs and put them over it. I eat it as an open sandwich. one egg and piece of cheese on each half. that way if I am not very hungry, I can eat the other half for another meal later on. But I put mustard on it, with salt and pepper and for some reason I can’t get enough of it. when I eat both sides, I have about 30-55g of protein in it. the variance depends on how much cheese I put on it, and which type since certain cheeses have more protein than others. With my supplment/protein shake, I many times for breakfast have about 60 g of protein first thing for the day. Days that I have done that, than exercised, and made a point not to eat a too carb filled meal late at night, I have dropped a lot of weight. the protein starting and ending my day, as well as the exercise seems to really shift the weight. Now if we could only get this extreme PMS and this weird nasoues feelings under control, life would be so much better. My tastes buds are really changing. I have been going towards more savory things, not spicy like hot, but savory and spices added type food. Sweet food doesn’t like me or I it much these days. I do crave it sometimes, and will have a bite or two of charlie’s, but most times I am beginning to believe those cravings are a figment of my overactive imagination rather than a REAL craving. my weight flucuated up and than slowly back down for the last couple of days. Have been benched in the exercise department becuase my foot had been bothering me and somewhere in that last walk in the woods on the uneven terrain and the steep hills, I have managed to twist and strain my knee. it is the left one, same as the sore foot..so between them both I am lipping around like a three legged dog. πŸ™ the really sore knee is forcing me to rest though which is good for the foot. also bought new boots yesterday for my hiking. some black Cat boots. did not get the high top ones. tried a pair on, but couldn’t stand the way they felt all laced up my foot. πŸ˜† still the pair that I got come up just a tad above my ankle bone so that should be a good help. once this injury calms down, I will be ready to go. hope that it will be calmed by saturday. we are thinking of doing a few castles this weekend, weather permitting. I have not been sitting during the last two days. still walked in aberdeen yesterday. still walked to the surgery in the morning. all told had to be a mile+. so still getting some exercise, but need to watch the old diet during the rest days even more strictly than usual. kitchen still isn’t finished. Andy is here working on it. hope to have it done this weekend. well it WILL be done this weekend becuase he has a new one to start on monday. so it has to be done. good. can’t wait. he is going to get my dishwasher, washing machine, lights, and the leaking faucet all done today, than start on finishing the floor. if he gets all that done today, I will be thrilled. Than it will only be a case of any finishing touches and all the tile work to do. πŸ˜€

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