Just Catching up a bit….

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Yeah I know that you know…and you have made sure that I know that you know that I haven’t!

Still really physically drained.  Still trying to find out what is going on with my body.  We do make some progress but it is slow going.  So, I get as much as I have energy to do, done.  We have been working on the garden area.  Building an “adult area” where the “kids” (goats and dogs) are NOT allowed unsupervised.  In fact, many of them are NEVER allowed in there EVER for ANY reason!! 🙂

I have done numerous raised beds that until I got my things planted just looked like newly buried dead bodies in the backyard.  Now they look like buried dead bodies with flowers, veggies and herbs sticking out of them.  Much more attractive.  I have discovered two new plants that I have never had before that I just adore.  Hyssop and Bee Balm.  wonderful flowers, smells, colors, and boy does it bring in the bees and humming birds.  I actually planted them to harvest them for the bunnies to eat as well.  Wheat grass is another wonderful thing I have planted for the first time this year.  it is growing like a weed and about ready to be harvested for the bunnies as well.

When Chaz gets home, we have to crack on getting that new chicken coop area finished so we can move the chickens over.  Than we clean out the old chicken coop, take down the wall, finish the paneling and put in the new rabbits stackers.  Well used rabbit stackers that are new to us, need to be repaired, sanded, primed and repainted..than they will LOOK brand new.  I think all the new rabbits might arrive before we can get all this done.  I do have stackers and most of the parts and bits that need to go with them to get them all outfitted.  We have to do some fence repairing on the current rabbitry as one of the goats threw a temper tantrum and ripped it all up.

Speaking of goats, I have sold off several of the goats, and have another 2 for sale as well.  once they go and I put the wethers into the freezer, I will be left with 3 does and a buck.  One of the does is older and may need to be put down, so I may end up running out of milk this winter.  oh well, starting with a couple of new kids next year but not planning on having much more than about 5 goats on the ranch any longer.

We have both culled, skinned, gutted and ate our first rabbits.  I did some culling on my own this trip but it didn’t go as smoothly as the last time.  I still managed though.  However, the dogs refused to eat the rabbits becuase they had their “jackets” still on.  talk about picky dogs.  next time I can give them a knife and fork and they can cut up their own rabbits!!

We have a few more babies growing up and some French Angora rabbits that are about 1 week away from being ready to go for sale as well.  I just got my new giant Cochin chickens and sold off half the silkies.  I do like the Cochin and the eggs they are starting to produce as well.

I have also been crocheting again.  I finished the rug that I hand spun, plyed than crocheted out of the teeswater/cotswold ewes fleece.  I have been making some cotton wash clothes with matching drawstring little bags that can be used for whatever including putting in slivers of bar soap when they get small and using the entire bag with soap slivers as scrubies.

What are your thoughts?

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