Melisa and Charlie Morrison are going to be exhibitors in in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is an international art contest that is sponsored by Rick DeVos. This is the third year that ArtPrize will be held and it is part art festival, part social experiment, and all fun!

Melisa and Charlie are exhibiting at Waters Building. 161 Ottawa Ave. NW, Grand Rapids,

A Year In A Day

MI from September 21 through October 9, 2011.


Coming for 2011:


19 days

162 venues

1,582 artists

Bits and Bobs

42 states and 21 countries

$484,000 dollars in awards

Now this will be interesting!!


Both Melisa and Charlie are hard at work on their entries.

Here are a couple of photos to tide you over as we continue our work on them.

What are your thoughts?

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