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Read what customers have said about Alba Ranch: 

Beautiful fiber, clean, lustrous and soft. Thanks for the quick shipping… that is a long trip to town!! ~ BaananeWoolworks

Received my yarn this afternoon–its gorgeous. ~ willostudio

I love the rug, especially for being done on a peg loom. wow ~ Diane

I got all the wool. I love it. Thank You for the great wool. 🙂 ~ Faith

I was so thrilled when it arrived, it was like Xmas! I LOVE the Karakul, love it, love it, love it. ~ Kathy

I did go see your fiber entry and it’s beautiful! It really looks cool against that wood. Good luck with it and I hope you win first prize! Hope you have a booming art show! ~ Lorna

This is going to be SO much fun. I’m still like a little kid when it comes to grab bag surprises. ~ Rae

I recieved order on time. Beautiful Gotland wool. I started felting a year ago, so I’m still a newbie but this wool wet felted together nicely! ~ Shannon

Gorgeous Felted Boot by Shannon made with Alba Ranch Gotland Wool

Got your package yesterday. My doggies were loving the fleecy smell. Looks good. I really like the dark grey dog hair. ~ Sue

I received the yarn yesterday. It is lovely – beautiful color and nice twist! What is the name of the sheep it comes from? I’ll keep her name with the yarn. Give her a big hug for me. ~ Vickie

hi, found your blog being a fellow weaver. love your slouch hat! ~ Louisa

Your shop looks very good and I love textiles…yours look wonderful. I was inspired to read about your views and all ~ Karen

Stumbled on your Artfire site through the Chatterbox. Love, love, love your cheese blog!!! Perhaps that is because years ago (I am an ancient one) I, too, raised goats and made cheese. It brings back memories and makes me slightly jealous!!! ~ Winona

Thank you so much for the beautiful fiber. I spun up the white today into boucle for a customer who is weaving a shawl. I’m amazed at how fast it arrived! Just when I was ready to start spinning. Perfect timing!

Val’s Boucle yarn handspun from Alba Ranch Wool

I think I bought a pound of roving from you a couple years ago through Artfire. I dyed up that roving into a rainbow of beautiful lustrous colors and am making multicolored boucle yarn from it.  Thanks again. I’ll be back!-Val

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! This is the nicest BFL I have ever handled. Lovely colors and so soft and easy to spin. This is the first skein of yarn I’ve made out if it. It’s mixed with BFL locks and another roving made of Merino and silk, but it is the primary component. ~ Mary

This was SO wonderful and QUICK shipping – I HAD to immediately order MORE!!! Thank You and color me HAPPY!!! ~ Teri

Again – I’m totally thrilled with the lightning FAST shipping and lovely product!!! Happiness all round here and – THANK you for the lovely and GENEROUS fiber sampler too! I WILL be a Frequent Flyer here without reservation!!!  ~ Teri

This is not my first purchase. I have been so pleased with previous purchases that I will be returning often. The fiber is lovely and the service is fast and friendly! Absolutely gorgeous fiber! Fast and friendly service. Can’t wait to spin it! Thank you! ~ Anne

A very sweet handmade purse. I love it to bits I plan to carry my phone in it. The shipping was quick and item made with care. ~ merrylaberry

28 thoughts on “Find Us

  1. Infinate Winds Victoria Dowding
    I saw you on fb i will like you page and be a google friend and pose on my page your give away. Best of luck i hope you love your new domain.

    Adele Michelsen
    I liked you with both my profile page and my fan-page (Looliemom Fiber Arts) on Facebook. Also shared the give awayl on both pages.
    I don’t have Twitter or Google friends but wish you all the luck with your new page!

    Infinate Winds Victoria Dowding
    I befriended you on raverly too i know it does not count but I do pop in there from time to time.

    Brenda Larson Vance
    Sorry I didn’t follow directions with my first post!

    1. I “Like” Alba Ranch!
    2. I posted a link to the giveaway on my FB page.
    3. I tweeted about the giveaway on my Split Rock Ranch Twitter page.
    4. I joined via Google on the Alba Ranch site.


    Sandra Banks
    Your work is awesome. I hope to get as good as you are one day. I will FB and google +

    Sandra Banks
    Forgot to add that I like art and fiber.

    Kat Whittaker
    I shared on FB, I not only liked this page- I loved it, and I joined Google Friends. Thanks so much. I love art and fiber.

    Nancy Pearl
    Posted a couple of ads on my FB page! Hope you do well! How’s mama bunny ?

    Nancy Pearl
    Liked your new page too! Beautiful fiber and art!

    Diann Lyons
    Shared on FB beautiful colors and shades, just learning to dye. The sky is the Limit!

    Jude Jordan-Pilote
    Beauitful colors.. love it.. It would make a beautiful Shawl

    Tina Rey
    I could only do 2
    I liked on facebook,
    facebooked about the contest

    Your stuff is simply stunning!

    Alba Ranch – Art by Melisa and Charlie Morrison
    I had no idea that folks liked my stuff. I should have done a give away like this sooner so I could get some feedback and know that you guys like things. anything in particular that you really like? anything you think I should make more of? I can make all sorts of things, just finding the time to do it. haah

    I have done lots of sales and coupon codes and such in the past but not had sales so didn’t think that folks knew where I was, or that they didn’t like my art as there were no sales. so great to know that you do like it. blushing and smiling from ear to ear.


    Nicole Constantin
    so glad to be here! i shared your beautiful page on my wall! such beautiful things…hope to spin and/or weave with you someday!

    This is all the comments that were in the Discussion thread when I moved it. reply with your comment to this blog entry from now on and use this address to point folks to the give away! thanks.

  2. I liked your page on Facebook and posted on my Facebook page.

    I am a beginner spinner and have hand dyed yarn before.

  3. I liked your page on facebook. Love your fiber & art. I am just getting into the fiber side of things…I raise suri alpacas. I just recently got a drum carder, experimenting with dyeing…I love the fiber and the art!

  4. Thank you so much Kate for your high praise. I am blushing and honored. I tried to comment on your blog but it would not let me, even when I tried to sign in with my Google account, it just kept putting me into a sign up sheet for blogger??


  5. I liked your facebook page

    added you as a feature page on my page

    linked your facebook page on my page via a post which also automatically appears on twitter and my own personal facebook page

    and joined via google friends too 🙂

    good luck with reaching your first 200 likes, I am certain you will swing way past that figure in no time at all with your amazing yarns and fibrey goodies 🙂


  6. I’m already a fan but heading back to Facebook to share about your give away on both my page and my fan page.
    Congratulations on all your success.

  7. Remember to comment on this blog and leave your name, along where and what you did so I can get a correct count of entries for the drawing. currently most folks have NOT followed the instructions so the pool for the draw is really small. Kudos to those that did comment as the less the better chances for you!!


  8. OK Melissa….finally joined Google friends too…..I posted another plug for you on my facebook page, cause why not! Liked your facebook page, I hope I’m covered Haha!

  9. What a great opportunity!
    I “liked” and shared on facebook, tweeted and joined this site via google friend connect.
    Your colorways are amazing. I am not a spinner, knitter or crocheter, so I look forward to seeing some of your art batts. I have a feeling I’d love to felt something from them.

    Oh, it makes me miss my rabbits so very much!

  10. Alrighty then, we have reached 200 and the drawing entries are now closed. Thank you to everyone that has liked Alba Ranch and talked about us.

    I will figure out the entries, assign the numbers and sort it out with tomorrow. I am exhausted tonight with all the drama of the cria and such over the last 24 hours. I want to be clear headed when I figure out the entries. I am still getting the animals sorted tonight and there must be predators near as the dogs are going mental off and on for hours.

    I will announce the winner of the draw tomorrow afternoon after getting back from town. The $40 credit can be used in any one of the shops right now. While I am still getting things organized there are two fiber shops, 1 art shop, and one print and card shop. All FOUR shops can be accessed from the Facebook Fan Page at Speak to you all tomorrow so in the mean time, go decide what you will use your $40 on. 🙂


  11. Liz Beckwith is the winner of the Alba Ranch Celebration and 200 Facebook Likes giveaway. while she is busy deciding what to spend her $40 of FREE STUFF on, you should keep your eyes tuned for the next contest as I get busy writing up the rules and prize. 🙂


  12. I liked your page on Facebook…I see that your competition is over but wanted to “like” you anyway. I am not sure where New Era is in MI but I have been looking for a farm within MI for wool roving and I think I found it! Checking out your Etsy shop as we speak!

  13. I am actually about 5 miles from Lake Michigan. so the west side of the state. tiny little town. 🙂 hope you like the Etsy Shop.

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