Read what customers have said about Alba Ranch: 

Beautiful fiber, clean, lustrous and soft. Thanks for the quick shipping… that is a long trip to town!! ~ BaananeWoolworks

Received my yarn this afternoon–its gorgeous. ~ willostudio

I love the rug, especially for being done on a peg loom. wow ~ Diane

I got all the wool. I love it. Thank You for the great wool. 🙂 ~ Faith

I was so thrilled when it arrived, it was like Xmas! I LOVE the Karakul, love it, love it, love it. ~ Kathy

I did go see your fiber entry and it’s beautiful! It really looks cool against that wood. Good luck with it and I hope you win first prize! Hope you have a booming art show! ~ Lorna

This is going to be SO much fun. I’m still like a little kid when it comes to grab bag surprises. ~ Rae

I recieved order on time. Beautiful Gotland wool. I started felting a year ago, so I’m still a newbie but this wool wet felted together nicely! ~ Shannon

Gorgeous Felted Boot by Shannon made with Alba Ranch Gotland Wool

Got your package yesterday. My doggies were loving the fleecy smell. Looks good. I really like the dark grey dog hair. ~ Sue

I received the yarn yesterday. It is lovely – beautiful color and nice twist! What is the name of the sheep it comes from? I’ll keep her name with the yarn. Give her a big hug for me. ~ Vickie

hi, found your blog being a fellow weaver. love your slouch hat! ~ Louisa

Your shop looks very good and I love textiles…yours look wonderful. I was inspired to read about your views and all ~ Karen

Stumbled on your Artfire site through the Chatterbox. Love, love, love your cheese blog!!! Perhaps that is because years ago (I am an ancient one) I, too, raised goats and made cheese. It brings back memories and makes me slightly jealous!!! ~ Winona

Thank you so much for the beautiful fiber. I spun up the white today into boucle for a customer who is weaving a shawl. I’m amazed at how fast it arrived! Just when I was ready to start spinning. Perfect timing!

Val’s Boucle yarn handspun from Alba Ranch Wool

I think I bought a pound of roving from you a couple years ago through Artfire. I dyed up that roving into a rainbow of beautiful lustrous colors and am making multicolored boucle yarn from it.  Thanks again. I’ll be back!-Val

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! This is the nicest BFL I have ever handled. Lovely colors and so soft and easy to spin. This is the first skein of yarn I’ve made out if it. It’s mixed with BFL locks and another roving made of Merino and silk, but it is the primary component. ~ Mary

This was SO wonderful and QUICK shipping – I HAD to immediately order MORE!!! Thank You and color me HAPPY!!! ~ Teri

Again – I’m totally thrilled with the lightning FAST shipping and lovely product!!! Happiness all round here and – THANK you for the lovely and GENEROUS fiber sampler too! I WILL be a Frequent Flyer here without reservation!!!  ~ Teri

This is not my first purchase. I have been so pleased with previous purchases that I will be returning often. The fiber is lovely and the service is fast and friendly! Absolutely gorgeous fiber! Fast and friendly service. Can’t wait to spin it! Thank you! ~ Anne

A very sweet handmade purse. I love it to bits I plan to carry my phone in it. The shipping was quick and item made with care. ~ merrylaberry