Lambing emergency

baby lamikins!


What have I been up to recently? well it is time that I start blogging on a regular basis as I can’t seem to keep up with remembering what happened since the last time.

We went to Scotland for Christmas and Hogmany. Had a lovely time with the folks and got another great idea for an item of clothing to try weaving on the loom.

We came back in January and promptly got sick. Both of us have been down for weeks, so unlike us as we hardly ever get sick. We sorted out a lot of various things that we needed to do though as ranch life must go on.

We lost one of our new pregnant angora does..sniff..sniff..than we lost a cat..didn’t really need that one….than this week has been a nightmare. It started with Charlie not getting flight details for his travel to Africa on Monday. So Tuesday he was all pins and needles while we waited to see if his office people would get their act together. He had emailed them and called them on Monday to which they had ignored him. On Tuesday, we got a phone call and had 1 hours notice to get him to the airport for his flights to Africa. thanks a lot!

while I was finishing up the last of the chores, I noticed Brown mama was down. She is a merino/rambulette cross ewe that had been heavy with lambs and walking splayed legged for days. she did get up a little bit later but her back legs were shaking. So I hurried him to the airport and got back to the ranch. she was up, but that evening she layed down as if she was resting and never really got back up again. she did try a couple of times the next day, but would take about 2 steps and fall. She appeared to go into labor but was not stressed, so I was checking her every 99 min..that was the most that my kitchen timer would do..ahah all of Wednesday and got nowhere. no lambs. on Thursday I was starting to panic as I had not been able to get the vet out on Wednesday (I had no sleep for days) and my friends couldn’t get here as some were lambing or kidding as well..than one came rushing from Pueblo. He was with her for 5 min and said that her cervix was closed and we had to get her to the vet for a csection. We could hardly move her, this is one big sheep! but we did get her in the truck to rush down the mountain and we ended up having to do a c section that basically cuts the lambs out and than euthanizes her. it was not pretty. she only had maybe a 20% chance of even surviving the surgery so we didn’t stress her any further. She had been down too long.

I now have a ram and ewe lamb to feed round the clock and don’t really have my dairy goats in milk. I also have 3 more merinos that are rather heavy with lambs but no one has lambed yet. what a week.

With all of this, I have not done any weaving but I did get all my yarns from the mill yesterday. I am hoping to get most of the new yarns posted in the shop for sale and hope to be able to do some weaving or something soon. life of a rancher. ahahah

What are your thoughts?

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