Lazy day this summer by our new French Doors

Came across this photo today.

With 29.5 inches of snow in seven days time this last week, I really appreciate this photo of Sassy and I enjoying looking out into the woods and the orchard by our new French Doors.

Sunny day in the rocker

I believe I wasn’t feeling spectacular that day and was just having a pajama day.  Isn’t Sassy Gorgeous!!!

I do like our French Doors and sitting in the rocker with the sun shinning in was so wonderful.  I would enjoy that now….but it is more like frost bite out there right now.

Sassy loves the French Doors as she can stalk the cats through the window…eye ball to eye ball…as they go by and stop dead in their tracks and freeze because of that all powerful Border Collie Eye!!

What are your thoughts?

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