Little Bo Peep Dress-Lincoln Long Wool

I saw the most amazing article today off the daily mail in the UK.  see the article here

Bopeep 1


I will include a picture of the bride and groom. Her dress is made from Lincoln Long wool as is his waistcoat. This is the sort of weaving and creating that has been percolating in the back of my mind now for some time, but on a smaller scale of course as I hate to sew so it must be something I can weave entirely on my own loom.

Since I do spin, weave and raise Long Wool Sheep, I have this very type of fibre and can do this work.  I just think this dress is an inspiration and can not wait to get busy on my next project.

Bopeep 2

I love the detail on her dress bodice.  The bead work and how it just shimmers.  I think the skirt is glorious with all those long flowing locks. I remember the first piece that I did with weaving the long locks into my wall hanging (4 Seasons you can see here) and how excited I was to see it come together and how I had to constantly run my hands through the locks as they were just textile and so inviting.  I am guessing it was hard to keep her hands off that dress as it was just so stunning.

Bopeep 3

I generally shear my Lincoln and other long wools twice a year.  In order to achieve that length of lock, she must have only sheared them once a year.  However with the horrid heat that we have in Colorado, I have to shear mine as they would just melt under all that wool.  As it is, every six months I worry may not be enough sometimes.  My sheep seem to grow about 1 inch per month of fleece so their locks are still long enough to work with.

I also enjoyed the portion of her article on how she respects their life and utilizes the animal in its entirety.  Having Lamb on the menu at the wedding reception, honors the animal and gives it the respect that it deserves.  So many think eating lamb is wrong, but to a shepherd or shepherdess it is a way of life.  I congratulate her and her new husband and wish them the best in their new life together!

What are your thoughts?

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