Livestock Guardian Dogs

It is so hot in here that I am about to die. and I am always cold. But I did bake a lasagna than baked a black berry pie and have the fire going and the propane it IS 80 degrees in the cabin. outside it is currently -11.7 with a windchill of -26. I hope the bunnies are ok, they had frost on their whiskers earlier. and 2 of the LGD are outside and won’t go in the barn of course.

The Livestock Guardian Dogs, LGD. They are the dogs that live full time with the goats and guard them. they are NOT house broke and if they came in they would not only create total havoc but than the goats, bunnies ect would all be unguarded with predators able to get them all.

I am assume they go in to the barn and snuggle with goats. I can’t prove it because if I go out and check on them, the are bouncing around because they heard me. Our temps have been low enough, that if they were sitting out on the mountain side with no shelter they would be dead. So they HAVE to be going in the barn which is insulated with the goats.

It is so cold that when I went outside for 5 min my nose hair froze. I didn’t even know I HAD nose hair. well I do and it did. totally creepy!

What are your thoughts?

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