Lost my Scottish Wedding Ring

Realized today that I have lost my Scottish made wedding ring. if this is the universe’s weird April Fools joke, it is the 2nd of April now, cough it up!!

I had it on March 12th as the Irish Celie. have the pics to prove it. came home, was really sick with flu, took my rings off and put them in the special cup that’s just for them. I never wear it without one of the engagement rings as it is way too big and can’t be resized. Both engagement rings are in the cup, but the wedding ring is NO WHERE. I wore both of them that night. took everything from the bathroom, crawled around in dog hair and dirt, vacuumed, swept, checked the vacuum, moved everything out. nothing… waited til this morning to see where Charlie shook the rugs in case it got caught in the rugs and shook outside, can’t see it there. so now giving up in despair!

What are your thoughts?

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