March 13, 2003

I have had very little sleep. I have had the phone glued to my ear and boy does it hurt..the ear not the phone. 😉 course can’t say that for the phone bill. 🙂 I have booked a taxi from our house to the airport for sunday, a flight from aberdeen to leeds, a taxi from the airport to the hotel, the hotel for 7 days, the flight back on the following sunday, and the taxi from the aberdeen airport to our house. I did not book the taxi from the hospital to the airport in leeds that day that we are checking out, but for now i don’t know what time that we would check out of the hospital and figure that I can book that as it gets closer. dogs are booked into their hotel and their booked to take them there. and their taxi to bring them home the day after we get back is tentatively booked with a friend. now all that I need for it to go smoothly is that there are no complicatons and that I can get out when doc said I could if all goes well. i have my fan, my mini chopper, my cd player and a set of new headphones, my mouthwash, and other assorted things. I haven’t started packing yet. don’t think that I will do that until saturday night after the dogs are gone. I have been laying things out on a chair and getting things sorted that way and can continue that, but once I bring that suitcase out they turn into a basket case a start misbehaving. so will just leave that hid for now. will go into the live chat tonight around 10p after my favorite shows and for now will go watch a dvd and try to relax. course everytime that I sit down to watch a dvd I fall asleep. ahah oh well, can’t get more relaxed than that can you? 🙄

What are your thoughts?

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