March 14, 2003

ok. I have both of our flights booked both ways, taxis booked, hotel booked. dvds picked out, books and magazines picked out, starting sorting what clothes and things to take, frantically doing laundry, tidying the house, dishes, garbage out, you know…the works. husband will be going with me to leeds so the house has to be sorted out more than others would have to do. I am trying not to think about things. noticed that I can eat but not eating frantically all the things that i thought I would do. even turned down going out to a fancy meal tonight and the movies to be here at home. have to take the dogs to the kennels tomorrow. that is hard for me, and right now husband is been not feeling well all day. he has a head ache and an upset stomach. I think it is stress. hmmm what do you think? anyways, other than maybe tomorrow, there won’t be many more journal entries. so the day is almost here. coming soon. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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