Day Before Surgery: March 15, 2003

this is it. preemptive D-Day. 😆 in a few hours I have to leave to go to Leeds to be at the Bupa hospital tonight. tomorrow I have the op. you can read in my journal online..or even online on my own forum. we will have our laptop with us in leeds and be posting during the time that i am in the hospital. husband may post for me until I can do it, but being the computer hound that i am I will soon kick him off and take over my own typing. he can be my secretary and i will dictate in the mean time. 😈 if we don’t get it posted to this forum you can read it on MY forum and later on after getting home I would transfer it over. I keep a copy of my journal on both forums. also on my forum you can read my husbands journal. a lot of his is not related to this, but the last few entries are more about the op. if you want to see us there you can go to: [url][/url] register as a user and then husband will keep an eye out and authorize you as a member of the groups for the journals. if you use the same names as you do on the forum i can let him know who to give assess to the journals will see you soon. online. even before I get home 😀 had to drop the dogs off at their hotel yesterday. was ok this time. but found it hard last night when I was wrapped up in my flannel blankie and watching tv to not have one or more of them on my lap all snuggled down. abbey is the great snuggler and knows when I am uptight about something although Prue is getting quite good at it. Tessa always knows something is wrong, and gets agitated but she is not a snuggler. have to pack. ha. it is almost 9am and the taxi will be here at 2pm so still have time. going to watch one last movie and then set the vcr for a couple of shows and then get something to eat. never did have my rootbeer float last night. finding it hard to eat everything that I want to. don’t have a huge appetite. going to finish off tea from last night for breakfast. ahah half to me and half to husband. and then have my rootbeer float. noramlly there wouldn’t even be any left, let alone enough for the two of us to split. course soon there will ALWAYS be something left over. sorta nervous, well would be really nervous if I would admit it or even stop to think much. trying to refuse to do that. my blood pressure is already up and don’t want it up more. I know it is becuae i can feel the tightness in my chest and have a headache and yesterday was naseous and can’t eat as much as i want and can’t sleep much and all that. ahah for now going to watch tv and try to get my mind on something else than have to get moving and get the packing done. really miss my dogs. 😥 talk to you later, Dazzle

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