March 20. 2004

I had my one year anniversary date this week on Wednesday. Husband was not at home to do my picutres and measurements, so I also did not weigh myself. that was kind of hard since I really wanted to know. πŸ˜† When he got home (the day after), he took my picutres as our usual posing and location, than he did my meausurements, than I did my weight. at that time I was only .4 of a pound from my goal which was to have 140 pds / 10 stone gone. Husband worked that .4 of a pd off right after that so I am saying 140 pd/ 10 stone. that is my story and I am sticking to it ❗ 8) Anyways, I have added up everything to see where my stats are for the year. I was originally a US 28/30 (UK 30/32) and now I am about a US 14/16 (UK 16/18 ). I have lost 136 inches off of various parts of my body since this all started. Most impressive individually is that I have lost 11.5 inches off of my chest, 15.75 inches off of my waist, 16.5 inches off my hips, and about 11 inches off each thigh. Those are the biggest drops of the most standard measurements. My original BMI was 56.1 and my BMI with the 140 pds off is 35.4. I am almost out of the morbidly obese category and into the plain obese category. not quite but getting really close. So that was my stats of a couple of days ago! Having said all of that, I have had my traditional weight gain of water retention [b]AGAIN!!![/b] and I have to admit that I just HATE it. and I have gained three pds again. so at the present moment precisely I am back up to only having 137 pds off /9 stone 11 pds off. I seem to be flopping around with that 3 pds of water weight frequently. the only good thing is that it is only 3 pds of water weight now, while for the last 3-4 months it was about 5-7 pds of water retention. oh well, I hope that it will come off again. what I really want it for it to come off and STAY off πŸ™„

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