March 20, 2005

I have had my two year anniversary this week. I was really down in weight that day with a total lost of 175 pds or 12 1/2 stone for the two years. I didn’t take my anniversary picutres until a few days later as I was and am still suffereing from a bout of food poisioning. I managed to lose about 20 pds during the week of food poisioning and now that I am getting a little better and food is staying in me more than a few hours, I have started to put a bit of it back on. That was expected and I hope that I will not put more than about 25% back on considering all that I went through to take to take it off in the first place. whew!…would never wish that one anyone. 😯 I have only put back on about 3 pds in the last 3-4 days so not too much. Still feeling weak and not a lot of get up and go. mostly it has got up and went. I did do my open book assessment for my counselling class. Sat down and typed out seven pages. hoping that she is happy with it, but mostly just not caring at this point. have cancelled all work and massages and only been dragging myself to some of my classes. Charlie goes offshore tomorrow so not sure how I will cope with taking care of myself let alone the added responsibility of the dogs again. He has been brilliant at taking care of the dogs and the house while I have been sick. I certainly couldn’t keep up wtih more than getting dressed and moving from the bed to the bathroom to the bed to the settee and back again. Anatomy is all finished now. we have started into our three new classes. I have kept up with everything so far even being sick. But not ahead on anything. neither of the teachers for these three classes seems to be giving up much info on what is coming next, so can’t get on with any of the projects. They dole out the information in tiny bites all stingy like and that is is. so I have to wait until I get the next mouthful. ahah I have to get cracking on my american taxes during this two week easter leave since they are due mid april and won’t have any time after break. also have to get going on my bach flower remedy lessons since i haven’t touched those in the last few weeks either. Still have ot take my pratical for first aid, and do my aromatherpahy case studies and pratical. I had the pratical scheduled but had to cancel it along with some of my case studies due to being sick. so for now, I think that I am on top of my classes. Now to only get on top of my office and find my desk again, that way I might be able to do my taxes. ahah 😯 😯 😯 Sassy had another accident and managed to stab herself in the eye with a branch we think out in the yard. offending branch is taken away, and she is on drops for her eye. we had an emergency visit to an optomologist. and she is to see her chiropractor on Wednesday for a follow up visit. yes this is our dog. but she is special 😆 and cool! 8) well off to watch another dvd, and put the fringe on another poncho while I do it. hoping for an early night in bed and maybe get some sleep before trying to tackle class tomorrow again.

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