March 23, 2003

I am back home and I can say with all certainty that I am glad to see the backside of the hospital. 😉 I had my op on monday afternoon and came home this afternoon. so that would make me 6 days post op I guess if you don’t count the day that you had the op. have noticed a bit of difficulty with some of my meals. not sure if I have eaten too much, or eaten it too fast, or somehow inhaled too much air with my food. 😕 sometimes I get this pain that is like a round ball of pain right at the top of my staples and it just sits there. makes me miserable. I do not throw up. haven’t and don’t want to. most times if I wait, the pain will subside with waiting about a half hour or so and lots of burping. so does that mean that ate too much or too fast? sometimes it has happened when I have only had about 5 bites. I know that tonight I was hungry, so I did wonder if I was eating too fast. so I put my food aside and waited about a half hour or more and than ate a bit more. I was ok then for a while, was eating really slowly. I mean a teensy bite maybe a minute, but then the pain started again as well as all the burping. not sure. can’t imagine that the food would not agree with me since it is a food that has always been ok with me. chicken and cauliflower and a bit of a homemade cheese sauce on it so that it wasn’t all dry. been a big day today so will see if I feel better tomorrow. good to be home but was a tiring journey. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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