March 27, 2003

I am very tired today. Not sure why, but I don’t seem to have any energy. I mean nothing. food has tasted so wonderful ever since I started to eat again, but today everything sounds awful and i don’t feel like eating what I am supposed to. I wouldn’t mind a pizza or some ice cream. now that I fancy. πŸ™‚ can’t have wheat so wonder if we could liquidize the pizza toppings. 8) took a shower today and that just wipes me out. but did a turn around the garden, sorta twice. and then a while later walked with Charlie to the wee shopie down the road. he was guessing that it is 150-200 meters there and then back. so 300-400 meters which would be about a quarter mile. I walked around in the store for a few minutes than told Charlie I had to go home. was really weak and tired. and he always tells me that I have to remember that whatever distance I walk there I have to walk back too. 😈 any ways, since I am so slow, he finished shopping, checked out and was half way home by the time I made it to my stone dyke and sat down. he is upstairs bathing the dogs. just got them back and boy do they stink. showed each of them my staples and my cut so they would understand better. only Tessa paid any attention. looked directly at it and gave a wee sniff and then has been at my feet or under my chair ever since. it is as if she knows that mom is nae right. the other two were too excited to be home and running around to pay any attention. maybe Tessa remembers her operation. collies do have horribly long memories, although she might be wondering why mom did not have to wear a cone lampshade on her head when she had her op. I don’t think that I need a lampshade since I can’t lick my own bum, but she may not agree with that. I am sure that she would lend hers to me. πŸ˜‰ not sure what i am going to have for tea tonight, nothing sounds good but will have to eat or my sugar will drop too much and than I will be even more tired. did manage to almost roll over in bed last night. was on my right side, and managed to wiggle to my back..was there for a while, than managed to get onto my left side. so it was technically a roll over in bed, just took me about 10-15 min. ahha will be nice when I can just flip over and think nothing of it. today is my second day without any pain killers during the day. only taking them at night now. still have some pain, but have noticed even when i do take them that I still have some pain. it never goes away entirely so no point in taking them and being so groggy and out of my head. I do wonder how long it takes for the anaesthesia to wear off. I can’t remember things, my brain won’t focus, it hurts to think to hard, sometimes typing is a bit off, and I have the attention span of a gnat. all effects of the drugs, but am wondering when it fades entirely. lots of flowers are open in the garden. every couple of days I go out and I see something new in the garden is up several inches where it wasn’t even showing the last time out there. flowers are beginning to bloom and everything. well going to find a chair and have a sit down. tired and worn out after my walk. later. πŸ˜›

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