Ringo and Jett are born

Ringo, Jett, and mom.


I am not getting anywhere with inputting my info for my taxes today since we do have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow. We have had two new additions and I can’t stay out of the barn. I keep running out to check on them, see them, watch them, listen to them squeak and talk, pick them up, and generally drool over them.


Our black angora goat, Dolly, had twin bucklings this morning. One is jet black


and the other one is a a reddish, brownish, dark mahogny colour that sort of defies description. But NO it is NOT blue, Alistair!!

aren’t they adorable? if they are even 3 pounds each in weight I would be shocked and as a point of reference, in the picture with mom, there is a 6in x 6in block of wood there, so you can see how tiny they are.

We took 209 and her black ewe lamb, Jubilee, over to Marcie. We also took the white ewe lamb from 239 as 239 is just not a good mom and the baby was not growing as she should. We tried her on a bottle about 1 hour before we left and she didn’t seem to know how to suck. But she was smart enough to open her mouth and swallow, so she did take a 16 oz bottle down in about 2 minutes and her belly stuck out further than it has ever! 3.5 hours later she was still not hungry for more. Her mom only cried maybe 1 day for her and than didn’t care she was gone. And a week later, her mom’s milk bag is maybe just starting to get full. So baby did not know how to suck and was chewing on the nipple and mom was not producing milk or being a good mom, so probably a good thing we pulled her as she is finally doing better with Marci on a bottle.

so now back to those blasted taxes!!

What are your thoughts?

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