March 6, 2004

I have been doing some updating to the forum and the website. well making out the list of things to do and husband has been checking them off. 😆 he has most of them done already, I suspect that he is rather chuffed getting them all ticked off the list in a right hurry. any excuse to play on the computer 😆 When he gets home, I plan to work with him to get the obesity section up and running better and more detailed. I have been thinking on that for some time and now we will get it done. also my one year anniversary is coming up in 11 days. I have 137 pds off now. been around that exact weight for days now, even with that time of the month. so the water retention has not come back and for that I am glad. So only 3 more pds to go in 11 days. whaoo, I think that I will make it. 😉 I start my Indian Head Massage course on Monday as well have have two reflexology clients that afternoon, so Monday will be a busy day. I like working again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it and how boring it had gotten to be a lady of leisure ALL the time. Granted I don’t want to work for anyone else, or work full time. I do enjoy doing my own thing, working some and making money for it. Now I want to get it going even more, so that I have more clients. I have two now, but I have several others that have come in for taster treatments and they all have business cards to give out and I am hoping that things will start moving along. I think that 20 clients would be my maximum to do, but that maybe too many while taking a class. I played around in the conservatory today, cleaning out plants and watering everything. the grapevines are really growing and there are clusters of grapes coming all over one in particular. I am amazed that they are starting this early. Several plants are in bloom and things seem to mostly be growing. The white burgmansia is in bloom and smelling up the whole conservatory with vanilla. I certainly do wish that we got enough light for it to be in the livingroom or the kitchen. it is such a lovely plant and the smell is so wonderful and I miss it being in the conservatory all the time. Maybe I will try it in the kitchen in front of the window that is there. That window is in the conservatory and maybe it will get sufficent light to be there as well as the temperature is more even in the kitchen. it is ALWAYS cold. 😆 it seems to like that. But since all the plants in the conservatory are infected with white fly, I will have to order my organic bugs for it first and than put it in the kitchen after that otherwise it will infect all my plants. maybe I could spray it in the conservatory and than move it to the kitchen. I would hate to miss the vanilla scent. well off I go for now, more things to do and emails to write 8)

What are your thoughts?

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