May 1, 2004

Swimming a couple of days ago went well. I increased my lengths from 42 up to 50 lengths (20 meters per length) so that was over a half mile this time. Difference was that I did some interval swimming, changed strokes frequently even did front crawl which is hard for me, used my paddles for some of it, and didn’t really stop and rest in there just swam steady. We swam for about 40 minutes almost nonstop. I was so tired and draggy that day and the day before that I was surprised that I swam that well rather thought I would sink like a brick. 😆 Yesterday was the first day in 14 days of exercising that I did not do any exercise for myself and did not take the dogs out and walk them in the woods. Bad Mommy ❗ It was just plain awful outside when I got up in the morning and I had planned on taking them out when I got home. I got something to eat and for some reason what I ate did not agree with me and I developed a headache, upset tummy and was throwing up a few times. First time that I have done that in some time. What I had for dinner, I had for lunch yesterday and lunch the day before and it didn’t make me sick than so don’t know what the deal was. Anyways, I didn’t really WANT to walk but the throwing up and being sick knocked any tiny bit of motivation out of me. I acutally ended up falling asleep on the settee BEFORE 9pm. How said is that ❓ 😕 Apparently, it very much did not agree with me. People have been commenting recently on that they thought I have lost weight. But the scales have been stuck for the last 6 weeks. I did weigh myself today, I had a goal of having another 5 pds off as of the first of each month. Well I managed 3.8 pds. So only missed my goal by 1.2 pds. Not as good as I would have liked but still better than nothing, or worse yet better than gaining. I had gained that 6.2 pds a week and a half ago with water rentention and all and I have worked hard to get that all off and an additional few pds. so if you look at it, that is almost 10 pds in two weeks. haha too bad most of it was water weight. Anyhoo, that brings my BMI down to 34.9 ❗ ❗ 8) 😀 That means that I am officially obese now. Yeah, I haven’t been obese for 16 years. What am I on about you ask? well, I have been MORBIDLY OBESE now for over 16 years, that lost of that last two pounds put my BMI just under the 35 mark which is the beginning of the morbidly obese category. so since I am below 35 now, even if only barely, I am officially just obese ❗

What are your thoughts?

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