May 11, 2003 continued

I am still sick. throwing up now. violently retching, but of course nothing is there. just foam and saliva. all I had was some fat free sugar free butterscotch pudding made with skim milk that I got from the states. it is the consistency of runny custard. how could that make me so sick. but everything else that I tried earlier in the day has made me naseous and sick feeling even though i did not throw up. still have diarraha. I give up. no more food of any kind, purred, or otherwise. nothing works. going to just drink water and that is is. I dont’ eat for a while and then I start to feel better, but get really hungry. than I try to eat something and I am naseous again. i think that I won’t eat anymore. what is the point? I would rather be hungry than sick. that pain is easier to deal with and water can help it sometimes. NOTHING helps the naseous feeling and the diarraha when I try to eat something. going to have to call Mr Pollard tomorrow. something is seriously not right. 😥

What are your thoughts?

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