May 17, 2003

I have been feeling very sick over the last week and a half to two weeks. I have been constantly naseous and generally feeling just awful. Spoke to Mr Pollard finally on Monday, and he had me stop taking my gallbladder med for a week, double my anti acid med for a week, and add an anti sick med for about three weeks. I have to take it three times per day. I forgot to take it one night, but I never ate anything after it so thought I would be fine. I woke up the next morning sick, so I can’t even miss a dose right now. the anti sick med does help the naseous feelings so that I can eat and not be miserable. I had gotten to the point where I refused to eat compeltey, it just was not worth how sick I felt. I think that it is my bodies reaction to all the changes that are going on, so I hope that it sorts itself out soon because this being naseous all the time is for the birds. There were days where even just plain water made me naseous or just breathing air. don’t know what will happen when I stop taking it. Got some free weights, weight bench, bars, and an exercise bike the other day. I like walking out in the woods but it isn’t helping the serious sag that is going on under my arms and on the back of my legs already. got weighed on Thursday, which was 59 days post op and I had lost 22.7 kilos/ 50 pounds. Also registered on my scale here at home that day for the first time. It is reading rather heavy right now, but I can at least get an idea of how I am doing. Charlie is home again, so we have been running around and doing alot of things. Now we are going to get busy deconstructing things in the house, and building things. 😆 that will keep him busy for the next 10 days before he goes into the office and has a course to do and then goes off shore again. he will have to go back to work to rest. 😉 I have been noticing that I have more energy and freedom of movement. I can get around, move and do things again like I did before christmas and when I gained all that weight right before the surgery. My clothes are all getting to big. we took more pics last night and I compared them to the ones done before the surgery. I see a weight loss, but it is hard for me to see where it is exactly. I do see it in my face alot, but I FEEL it more than I see it.

What are your thoughts?

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